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(Jared Vicks)
19 / Male / Single
North Carolina - United States
Hey-ya, how are you doing? Thanks for dropping in on my little corner of the internet, welcome to the show, all of that! I am...entirely awful at greetings but I hope this is sufficient.

I’ve been role playing for about four years give or take. My first drop into it was when I was invited to join a friends DnD club. Hell of a lot of fun and honestly it just escalated from there. Growing up I watched every piece of media, anime or otherwise that could give me cool ideas for rp’s. I actually still have 3 notebooks full of stuff I’ve never had a chance to use!

Perhaps you all could be of some assistance with that, huh?

So just some basic:

I love me some romance, so yes I do like to have it if at all possible.

Smut is...meh. I’m indifferent to it. If your fine with it, sweet I’m game to write it. If not, won’t catch me whining.

I type at least 2 paragraphs sometimes more if you’ve got me REAL invested in a story. I know that’s a stretch for some, but don’t feed me one liners and I won’t say much.

Give me details! That’s what makes a good story great.

If you for some reason dislike our rp, discuss it with me. I’m not some goblin who will eat your face off for questioning something! I want you to enjoy yourself as well, so please don’t just ghost on me ^^

I’m a student attending college to hopefully be a writer. As such, I may be busy at times. Bear with me. Unless I tell you, to your face, that I’m dropping our rp, I WILL eventually get to you. Never more than 2 days if I can help it at all.

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