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Name: Nichole
Age: 18-god knows what
Abilities:dissolving, transformation, turning others into slimes
Personality: shy and timid, never really being bold unless she has to
Bio: Nichole never truly knew where she was from suddenly gaining a conscious that made her wiser then her fellow slimes. Because if this she tryed to join the human nations but was chased away. She realized her body scared the humans and soon mastered the art of transforming herself to becoming human in appearance

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World of Warcraft Characters

Note these can be used for anything, not just WoW


Cave: a demon hunter night elf, he's a bit of a flirt to anyone he isn't interested in romantically, but when he likes them it throws him off his game

Myria: a human warlock, she used to try and be a priest, but discovered she enjoyed the magic of demons much more. Is a bit childish in nature

Lidrian: night elf huntress, she is only out for money. She doesn't care about what's right or wrong she just cares about being paid

Shamthamar: an orc shaman, he takes his pride and honor very seriously. He can be quite hot headed however

Nickyole: an undead, cold of heart though she does have a touch of honor despite being an outlaw

Thum: a Tauren Paladin, kind hearted by nature. He does not believe that war is necessary and strives for peace
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Full Name: Michael
Nicknames/Titles: "The Undead"
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: African/ European
Species: Human and undead


Hair: Black
Eyes: brown normally, turns into glowing green fire in rage
Height: 5'11
Markings: left eye gone, has eyepatch though
Physical Features: wears a hooded cloak and plate armor, has an eyepatch and a mask hiding all but his eyes


Traits: Calm but quick to rage,annoyed
Likes: battle, reading
Dislikes: Humans and immortals


Place of Residence: Wandering warrior
Place of Birth: Europe
Occupation: Wandering warrior
Affiliations: None
Enemies: Mythical beings and humans alike


Abilities: Has two twinblades that fully heal him when they kill something, and a broadsword which adds those he kills strength to his own
Skills: trained with blades and martial arts
Backstory: W.I.P

Theme Song:
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Shi Tomoyaka

Full Name: Shi Tomoyaka
Nicknames/Titles: “The Shade", "Darkness Conduit", and most commonly "Monster"
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: human
Race: Japanese American
Species: Human/Something much darker


Hair: Black
Eyes: red
Height: 5'8
Markings: Scar across chest and tattoo down right arm of claw marks
Physical Features: Lean body type, black hair, red eyes. He wears a black cloak, a brown scarf, black pants, and a shirt covered with knives


Coolheaded Personality
Traits: loyal, calm, quick to rage, pretty sure he's an anime character
Likes: meditating, having a friend
Dislikes: Cats... cats hate him


Place of Residence: Used to live in a temple with an old monk who helped him after losing his memories, but now just wanders
Place of Birth: Canada
Occupation: Thief and assassin
Affiliations: None
Enemies: Anyone he used to know


Abilities: can seemingly fade into shadows, has black blood which he can use to draw(anything drawn comes to life)
Skills: trained with bow and sword, along with a couple martial arts
Backstory: truthfully not even he can remember. His memories were torn away when a cult used him to try and summon their god. However the god, being kind of a d*ck, freed Shi and gave him the powers of his Conduit, making him almost as strong, and he killed the cultists. Anyone who knows of his past fears him not going anywhere near you


Theme Song:
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Liam((magic stuff))

Name: Liam
Age: 18
Race: human((ish))
Title: Chaos incarnate
Personality: kind and caring, though can turn cold and uncaring at a single moment.
Weapon: Chaos
Bio: Liam was born to kind loving parents whom he watched die in front of him. In that moment he swore vengeance and joined a cult to gain the power he needed. He quickly rose to the top ranks and became one of the most powerful three. He was deemed the weird of chaos and was given his new blade. Soon after the cult was destroyed leaving him and the other three who went their seperate ways. Liam found the men that killed his family and quickly eliminated them. Now he wanders with no real purpose.

Name: Chaos
Age: ???
Race: sword((broadsword))
Title: death
Personality: insane, quick to anger, hates it when people get close to Liam
Powers: gives weilder form of chaos 1-20, all giving a significant boost to weilders power, and giving him slightly more control over his host
Bio: chaos is the most powerful of his three brothers and the first created by the god of death to reek havoc. However such a task bored him and he simply prefers to relax, at least until he and his brothers were captured. It was then the swordsman Liam took him up and he remembered what it was like to kill, making him desire the kill once more. He will stop at nothing to get his way...well unless Liam won't let him...then he's basically powerless
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