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19 / Male / Single
United States

How's it going? Names Hyper and role playing is my game. I like to do a lot of things from video games to anime, or event most original universes. I've found that I enjoy to do romance and adventure the most, though I'm willing to do anything other than Gore. Over the years I've found I prefer to play a submissive role. Not to say I can't be dominant but I will usually prefer to be a s-type in life and in role play. Oh and a quick rule is that if I do somthing that makes you uncomftorable or you don't like GIVE ME A HEADSUP AND I WILL FIX IT DONT JUST DELETE ME!!! Anyway that's all I got for now

Also if my image offends you can you pretty please just tell me instead of trying to ban me

@Dat_Mercyboi I am her personal kitten

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Injury has worsened. I’m taking a break to heal
Mood: irritated
6  Jun 13th 2019 19:44

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Q. Cats or Dogs?
A. Both!
 May 3rd 2019 18:19

Q. hey Ralsei, how do you feel about Asriel? Like, do you like him as a friend or as more?
A. He's pretty nice! I like him!
 Jan 5th 2019 15:43

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*bows respectfully*thanks for adding me^^
hope we can become good friends and discuss a rp sometime soon
Jun 12th 2019 14:16

Hi Hows it going?
Jun 11th 2019 11:54

Hey, are we still role-playing or...?
Mar 31st 2019 09:46

Is ralsei... Gone? *cries*
Mar 30th 2019 12:18

thanks for joining, ralsei.
Jan 5th 2019 19:18

*grabs ralsei* I shall protect this sunshine child with my life.
Jan 4th 2019 20:39

Dec 27th 2018 15:29

Trying my apologies, I've been on vacation on a constant time scale
Dec 17th 2018 02:20

You ok?
Oct 7th 2018 12:20

Wanna continue the rp?
Oct 6th 2018 09:30