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19 / Male / Single
United States

How's it going? Names Hyper and role playing is my game. I like to do a lot of things from video games to anime, or event most original universes. I've found that I enjoy to do romance and adventure the most, though I'm willing to do anything other than Gore. Over the years I've found I prefer to play a submissive role. Not to say I can't be dominant but I will usually prefer to be a s-type in life and in role play. Oh and a quick rule is that if I do somthing that makes you uncomftorable or you don't like GIVE ME A HEADSUP AND I WILL FIX IT DONT JUST DELETE ME!!! Anyway that's all I got for now

Also if my image offends you can you pretty please just tell me instead of trying to ban me

@Dat_Mercyboi I am her personal kitten

Latest Status

Hey I’ve had a lot of people added recently and sorry. I’ve lost lots of people in my dm, so if you still wanna rp message me and I’ll try not to lose you again
Mood: anxious
6  Jan 11th 2020 15:55

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Q. Hey bud, we still roleplaying?
A. Yes I am injured
 Jul 10th 2019 10:41

Q. Cats or Dogs?
A. Both!
 May 3rd 2019 18:19

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Thanks for the add
7 hours ago

Hey buddy. Are you still around?
Oct 18th 2019 08:54

I'm Elora. How can I help you?
Oct 2nd 2019 21:35

Your a dude gtfo of my profile
Sep 26th 2019 15:01

Hi! :P
Jul 11th 2019 20:26

*bows respectfully*thanks for adding me^^
hope we can become good friends and discuss a rp sometime soon
Jun 12th 2019 14:16

Hi Hows it going?
Jun 11th 2019 11:54

Hey, are we still role-playing or...?
Mar 31st 2019 09:46

Is ralsei... Gone? *cries*
Mar 30th 2019 12:18

thanks for joining, ralsei.
Jan 5th 2019 19:18