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I have returned from the World of Sea. All I can say is. -clears throat- My thighs are on fiiiiirrrrrreeee~~~ -sung like this girl is on fire- I love the water rides, but they do not love me.
Mood: exhausted
3  May 2nd 2021 18:29

Latest Questions

Q. I have your post partly done, but exhaustion hits me greatly. is it fine for me to reply tomorrow?
A. Yeah it’s fine.
 Feb 21st 2018 23:23

Alcina asked the question
Q. Did you happen to miss my response? It's not like you to wait this long....
A. Yes, sorry
 Jan 6th 2017 21:40

Latest Comments

I did forget :'( I was with a friend for a week.
Feb 18th 2019 12:01

the site hasn't been working for some reason, sorry
Apr 10th 2018 10:54

Oh, I'll reply tomorrow, my fault for being so braindead.
Mar 2nd 2018 00:35

I know. I'm sorry. Really trying to get to replies without breaking down.
Feb 18th 2018 08:53

Yes I know. My apologies. Life is really f***ing with me right now. I really am to reply soon, if time will let me.
Jan 14th 2018 07:42

If you're willing, I wouldn't mind.
Maybe it was the scene..
Dec 16th 2017 02:52

Its been more for two other people i promise
We will continue it if you like but I'm pausing till after midterms
Nov 23rd 2017 11:00

Yes, it has been that long, hasn't it? I am so sorry. A lot of my replies are very past due, and I was gonna reply this weekend, but I'm not home for the holidays yet and Wi-Fi is sparse. If you still wish to roleplay, I will reply as soon as I can. But, if not, that's okay as well. I understand.
Nov 23rd 2017 07:16

Pst, I'm typing to your post now. <3 sorry for keeping you wait.
Jun 16th 2017 01:08

Being honest is finnnnne xD I like the honesty..!
May 24th 2017 07:52