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1(800)-CHOKE-THAT-HOE, Korea (South)
                          ↳ Nut in your boy。
                              ↳ Fücking your mom。
                                  ↳ Drinking on the hour

                         Jung;; You may dislike what I do ; But your babyboy doesnt

                          I don’t want your heart ;; Just your submission
                         Censored ;; to remove anything offensive from books, films, etc.
                         ;; to remove parts considered unsuitable。

                          You wanted to be used?
                          Cheap perfume ; I only live
                          to take your money and
                          your time。
                          ❦ My life ; my heart ; my soul。
                          ﴾ @TBA﴿ ; Doesn’t have someone ; A lonely lil horse。

                          『 Sit on my lap with nothing on under your skirt and watch as I start tracing my fingers along your thighs。』

                          Gay af ; Usually has an attitude ; Seduces people a lot。
                          I bit my tongue, want to suck on it? ; Antisocial ; Nothing to lose。
                          Kinda doesn't trust many ; Speaks when spoken to。
                          Dominant ; Sadist ; Daddy ;; Nothing new。

                          『 Can we take a moment to enjoy the pleasures in our life? 』

                          ﹙Sidebar ﹚↓
                            ➞ Kik : tba
                              ➞ Tellonym: tba
                                ➞ About me : tba

( inspo credit to anish,

                          You Got A Problem Call

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newacc asked the question
Q. - he blocked me ig. -
A. who did
 Aug 9th 2018 17:55

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A whole friday night lol
Oct 9th 2018 15:51

thank you for accepting~! i am sunghwan, but you can call me anything.. or anytime >~< hope we can be friends. i give out free hugs so message me anytime ^^
Oct 7th 2018 09:56

H-Hello !!

Thank you s-so much for requesting // accepting !

I'd love to t-talk soon ♡
Oct 5th 2018 21:21

Your gonna mess it up! D:
Sep 20th 2018 12:37

Sep 20th 2018 12:34

Sep 20th 2018 11:10

its a whole friday night
Sep 7th 2018 15:09

Change your profile relationship your mine ;P
Aug 12th 2018 23:27