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(Maggie Fletcher)
33 / Female / Single
Canton , New Jersey - United States
Hi I’m Maggie Fletch

Name: Maggie

Age: 33

Info: sister Maggie is mature nun who grew up in Catholic Church by her parents to be Christan catholic going all girls boarding school in grade 1 to grade 6 until grade 7 she went normal school , her peers would make fun out of her for being Christian learning to love god gave her something to believe after school she went to learn how to be priest and nun within community helping others who need help has agreed not to marry men to obey god will.

Personality: quiet tough , sweet and intimidating

Hobbies: reading books , cooking , cleaning , meditation, working out at the gym

Sexuality: polysexual and bi likes men and women

R/S: single not really looking unless you change my mind

18 + real life and romance dark mature theme

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