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Stephanie Brown Character Sheet

General Info:

Name: Stephanie Brown
Alias: Spoiler/Robin/Batgirl(depending on time)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: 15-20(depending on time)
Powers/Abilities: Advanced agility, combat training, arsenal of gadgets(including custom-enhanced Batarangs as Batgirl), expert tracking, advanced technological abilities
Weaknesses: Exerts self too much, doesn’t quit, even when she knows she should, emotional

As Spoiler
Stephanie Brown is the daughter of the criminal Cluemaster. She discovered his criminal life at a young age and swore to help bring him to justice. She donned the name Spoiler and became her own vigilante, working specifically against her father. She’d help Batman and Robin stop her father’s crimes using the knowledge she’d gain from living with him and tailing him. In this time, Stephanie Brown grew very fond of Robin, and the two eventually began to date despite their rough meeting(Stephanie hitting Robin in the face with a brick). While Robin knew her secret identity, she wasn’t allowed to know his, which Stephanie never really minded until she realized it meant she knew nothing about his life and he could potentially have a girlfriend. Shortly after the two began dating, Stephanie discovered she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s child. While everyone around her tried telling her how she should handle the situation, Robin listened, understood it was her decision to make, and remained supportive. He donned an alias known as Alvin Draper to be able to take her to her birthing classes, and the two grew closer as a result--He even secretly ran away to go be with her in the hospital when she gave birth. Tim helped her through her pregnancy, and her eventual decision to put her child up for adoption. Shortly after, Batman, against Robin’s wishes, told Stephanie that his name was Tim Drake. This caused a rift between Batman and Tim and ended up being one of the deciding factors for Tim giving up his role as the Boy Wonder.
As Robin
Though Stephanie’s time as Robin was notoriously short-lived, it was a very important time for the Batfamily. When Tim quit, Stephanie began to worry over her boyfriend, as he had frequently been not responding to her attempts to contact him. She’d frequently “check in” on him, and found one of his classmates kissing him. She hadn’t understood it was against his consent and mistook the situation as him cheating. This sent Stephanie into a bout of anger and jealousy, in which she locked herself in her bedroom and sewed her own Robin costume. She donned it, approached Batman, and demanded she be trained as Tim’s replacement. Batman agreed, much to Alfred’s disapproval, and he began training her intensely and even provided her with a new costume. In training, Batman would repeatedly compare Stephanie to Tim, in an obvious attempt to force her to work harder out of jealousy. Additionally, it was obvious to everyone else that Batman was only doing this in an attempt to make Tim jealous and return, though he denied the accusation every time. In training Stephanie, Batman had one condition. She must never disobey an order, no matter the consequences. Stephanie lasted about 70 days before being fired from the role, as she disobeyed a direct order to stay in the Batplane. Though she only disobeyed out of concern for Batman’s safety, the damage was done. Stephanie Brown was no longer Robin.
As Stephanie gathered her things from the Batcave, she secretly downloaded one of Batman’s many contingency plans. She downloaded it with the intent of implementing it, proving her usefulness. The concept of the plan was to have all of the mobs in Gotham united under one man, Matches Malone. Matches was, according to the plan, a confidant of Batman. All of the mobs being under his control meant they were under Batman’s control. Batman would know every move the mob would make, and know how to stop them. The issue Stephanie hadn’t realized was that Matches Malone was one of Batman’s aliases. Without Batman in the know, Matches wasn’t a part of the plan. Without Matches showing up to the meeting of all of the mob bosses, it turned to chaos. Out of the 21 people in attendance, less than ten survived. The entire city of Gotham turned into a warzone, with the Batfamily trying it’s best to fix it. By the time Batman realized this was a plan of his design, it was too late for Stephanie. In the chaos, Black Mask had kidnapped her, torturing her almost to death. She snuck away on the brink of death and was managed to be found and taken to Leslie Thompkins, a doctor and good friend of Batman’s. Before passing in her hospital bed, she spoke her last words to Batman. She told him about her daughter, and he promised that she would be taken care of. Her final question was if she was ever really Robin. Batman promised her that yes, she was. Fans seem divided on this answer, not truly being able to decide if he meant it, or if it was just a lie. Stephanie was just pleased to have been a part of the legacy. In later discussion with Batman, Leslie Thompkins confided in him that she had the ability to save Stephanie’s life and would have been able to bring her back, but chose not to as a lesson to Batman about the dangers of getting people involved in being vigilantes.
As Batgirl
Some time after her passing, Tim began to notice a familiar eggplant-colored vigilante following him as he operated as Robin. Initially, he was very angry. Tim was disgusted that someone would put on his dead girlfriend’s costume, pretending to be her. Under confrontation by Batman and Robin, Stephanie revealed herself, and out of excitement, she and Tim shared a kiss. She began to work by Tim’s side again as Spoiler until shortly after Bruce’s passing. Tim insisted she stop being Spoiler, which(like usual) she didn’t exactly listen to. In combat with Batgirl by her side, Cassandra confided in Stephanie that she was done. She no longer wanted to be Batgirl without Bruce, leading her to give Stephanie the Batgirl suit and tell her to replace her. Stephanie did, much to the disappointment of everyone else in the Batfamily. But after proving herself in a battle against Scarecrow, Barbara presented her with her own Batgirl suit. Stephanie operated as Batgirl for some time, occasionally working by the side of D*ck Grayson as Batman, Damian Wayne as Robin, and Tim Drake as Red Robin. She and Tim managed to form a new sense of friendship, and when Tim made a move on her, she declined because she wanted to focus on herself. That’s not the end of their relationship, though, as Convergence depicts their relationship resolving into officially being together again before the canon rebooted.
New 52/Rebirth
Stephanie was introduced later in New 52, once again as Spoiler. In this canon, she starts off just figuring out about her father’s crimes which places a target on her chest for all his criminal allies. Stephanie’s forced to run away from home and spends the daytime in the library, using the public computer to publicly post about her father and his allies. She eventually dons a modern Spoiler outfit and goes to stop her father. She continues to live on the run and trains under the guidance of Catwoman before living in an apartment with Harper Row and coming to work with the Batfamily. Stephanie and Tim begin dating, and the two train with Cassandra and Clayface under Batwoman. An attack is placed on their training base, and Tim seemingly dies trying to fend off enemy attack. As it turns out, Tim didn’t actually die, but was teleported away before he could be killed. No one on Earth knows this, though, and Stephanie lashes out at Batman, claiming that because Tim worked under him, it was his fault Tim died. She starts her own mini crusade, working to solve crimes while “spoiling” how Batman goes about solving his. She repeatedly destroys the batsignal and briefly works with Anarky. She eventually stops this crusade as Tim returns, and works alongside the Batfamily again. As Tim is brought back to Earth, he shares that he now has knowledge from his life in an alternate universe(the previous canon). Stephanie was also shared some information about her old life as well, being informed that in that life, she was once a Robin and a Batgirl. Tim and Stephanie briefly run away together with the intent of learning more about their old lives. Tim, with Zatanna’s help, gets a flash of memories from his old life. Tim and Stephanie say they love each other for the first time in this canon, and Tim shares how happy he is to know that she was a part of his past life, too.

• Stephanie and Cassandra Cain were best friends in the old canon, and have recently developed a friendship in the current canon, as well.
• Stephanie is the only person in the Batfamily to have successfully attended college while still operating as a vigilante
• While Stephanie was in a coma, she had dreams of interesting and different adventures, but also dreams of being a mother to a child with suspicious black hair.

How I Play:
Typically, I play Stephanie as Batgirl from the old canon. But I’ve also recently began playing playing her as her Rebirth portrayal but with her memories from the old canon. It’s a really fun way to play her! I’m very flexible, though, and will play Stephanie from any timeline/era. Sometimes I like playing her with a very active internal monologue, like in the comics, but I don’t usually.

Roleplay Example:
'My name is Stephanie Brown.' Stephanie sat, her feet dangling off the edge of the rooftop she resided on, allowing her boredom to manifest as internal narrating. 'EX-Spoiler, EX-Girl Wonder, CURRENT-Batgirl. Quite the resume.' Her eyes scanned lazily over the street below as she forced a breath out between pressed lips. Her eyes focused on a nearby alleyway, where she spotted it. A simple mugging, nothing too drastic. But to the woman being surrounded by a gaggle of grown disappointments threatening her, this is the most terrifying moment of her life. And that’s why Stephanie operated. In this city, everyone needs to be scared--But is it too much to dream of a day where that’s not the default?
Stephanie's hand reached into a right-hand pocket of her belt, her fingers clasping her grappling hook. With a quick aim and a shot, she stood atop the building across the street--right above the muggers. Her head poked over the edge, focusing on the group. Four hostiles, three men and one woman. 'Awful lot of people for a simple mugging.' Stephanie walked to the backside of the rooftop, jumping down into the shadows behind them. From her position, she could hear the woman’s soft sobs, see her shaky hand desperately clutching at a pepper spray.
"Look gang, I don’t think she’s into this whole mugging thing, maybe we should just call it off.” Stephanie’s voice echoed through the empty alley, calling the attention of the muggers and granting the woman time to escape. The alley filled with the sounds of grumblings. “It’s the Bat,” “get him,” "let's run," yadda yadda. Stephanie stepped out of the shadows as they closed in. 'You’d think for the size of my resume, I’d have some more respect out here.' Stephanie moved quickly, grabbing a Batarang and throwing it at the furthest member’s arms. She pulled out her bo staff and took this moment to hit the two closest. One, two whacks. She twisted her body sideways, delivering a side-kick to the remaining person closing in on her. They’ve all had some sort of stun, now this is where she really works. As the others regained their footing, Stephanie focused on the closest. She slammed her bo staff into their side, between their rips and hip, following with another whack to the shoulder, and a kick to the gut. They fell back, leaving three more who all began closing in on her again.
Stephanie hit one with her staff, swung her arms and hit another with it, attacking the two with her staff bouncing between them. The remaining one came up by her side, and she removed one hand from her staff and delivered a punch to their nose. The crunching against her knuckles was never a fun feeling. She threw a kick into their stomach, and they fell back, leaving the last two up, but at this point it was just a couple deliberate hits to each for them to fall over. Stephanie eyed them carefully as she collapsed her bo staff and sighed. Her eyes gazed up to the entrance to the alleyway, seeing that the woman was able to make a getaway. Good.
"Don’t mug next time, okay?”
Much to Stephanie’s surprise, as she turned to walk away, one of them spoke up. “Some of us need to do this, you know. You swear to protect this city, when really you’re using it as an excuse to attack those of us in need.”
Stephanie wanted to scoff. “That’s the thing. If you mug someone of all their money, you might be in the clear financial-wise for a few days, but you may have just drove someone else to do the same. Do you really not see the cycle?” Her brows furrowed like a mother scolding her children. “You may be stable for a bit, but you put someone in the situation you were just in. Not just that, but there’s a pattern with law-breaking. You may think this is the last time--but it never is. Why earn money the right way if you can continue stealing? Stealing doesn’t help make less criminals, it makes more, and it puts more people into that cycle of feeling like they need to steal to get by. That’s the real crime. Money can be replaced, but not everyone’s chance at a good life can be.”
And there she stood, surrounded by a group of adults, not even too much older than her. Adults who felt helpless and chose the wrong path. “I’ve never seen you before, and since you’re working as a group, I’m assuming you’re not confident, which means you’re probably new to this. I’ve heard Bruce Wayne runs a shelter for helping people in your situation--People who need help getting out of the cycle. Pull yourself out before it starts. I’m giving you this chance.” She pulled out her grappling hook and aimed it at the building above them. “I won’t give you that chance next time.”
'Aim, shoot, and I’m gone.'
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