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26 / Female / Single
Nice to meet you all and can't wait to rp with y'all

[1]: Roleplay:

In term of roleplay, I lean more toward fantasy, romance and drama themes (mixed together because otherwise it's boring) and I can do both original and fandoms, don't hesitate to ask.

[NOTE] A reminder that, while I don't mind Er0ticA, I highly expect my partner to have the decency to ask me if I actually WANT TO. Consent is bliss. The same for my characters. I won't roleplay such thing with minors so please be over 18. Same with your characters.

[2] Length

A WORD FOR ONE LINERS. Please, don't add me, because I can't work with you guys... Like, really, I enjoy writing and reading content, world building and action... I didn't come here to read a discussion between you and your mom or something.. Give AT LEAST a paragraph ( around 6-7 lines)
[!] No slangs like "u", "ur" ect.

Well, that's pretty much it for now ! I may add more in the future ! Who knows ?

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