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Himiko_Toga's Blog

Keith (any Rp)

Keith was raised in a good family he was always the smallest kid in the class and was always made fun of for his dream of wishing he was born a girl he was also made fun of for what he normally wore he had a pink hoodie, pink ribbons,chokers, short shorts, and more but he never let this bother him... his mother supported him when he told her he wanted to be a girl, but his father did not want anything to do with him but Keith didn't care he then decided on his own that he wouldn't have a surgery (not Trans) as one it was a lot of money and two he was religious and was raised were it was wrong to change your gender he dressed like a girl and all he was friends with almost all girls he liked it this way but soon he was kicked out of the house by his father forcing him to move in with one of his friends

Name: Keith

Sex: femboy (male)

Sexuality: pansexual prefers males

Age: 17

Built: skinny, weak, feminine

Height: 5.5

Likes: friends, treated like a female, love, pink, black, pets, helpfulness

Dislikes: judgemental people, bugs, handmade drugs (not counting nature made) and being covered or surrounded by water

Fears: aquaphobia, entomophobia. Basically he is scared of water and ALL insects

Will be intermediate can be both dom and sub depending on how he may feel or his partners preference, he will last long in the bed

//my first guy oc so if I do something wrong in the Rp when I'm using him please tell me
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0 | 0 Comments | May 27th 2020 11:39

Elizabeth (based off my actual life)

Liz Marie born in the USA and was raised in New York her upcoming was from of course a mother and father her father was a rapist so she was only raised by a single mother who soon had another child Liz soon was abused by her mother she had many Mugs and glasses broken over her head this made her feel as nobody would like her this soon caused her to outcast her self from every one and never talked as she was raised to never talk or she might get hitten soon enough she met a girl that let her find her sexuality but her mother found this out she was forced to stop seeing her this made her feel... nothing she didn't feel sad or mad at her mother she felt helpless... she felt useless she started to harm herself and learned how to put on a show or some sort of fake smile to the adults, teachers she started to only wear hoodies to hide cuts that was littered on her wrists soon she moved out and didn't talk to her mother when she left and didn't think to talk to her brother who was fifteen... she soon got news that her mother died from accidental suicide she sheltered her brother in her house and continued school and continued hiding her depression she worked as well to keep the bills payed but was still poor and started to starve herself to make sure that her brother could eat... she learned about cosplaying and bought neko ears that matched her hair she would wear these everywhere even to school she felt happy being someone else yet these could still fall off time to time as they were not real she then she waited for a cared one to show in her life

Name: Liz (Elizabeth) Marie

Sex: female

Sexuality: bisexual

Height: 5.2

Built: skinny, weak

Age: 18
(Is a virgin if that even matters)

Likes: pain, emotions, love, friends, darkness, fights, her fake ears, music

Dislikes: being alone, spiders, inflicting pain on others, sexual harassment (without consent), people saying her ears are fake (to her it feels like their saying her happiness is fake)

Fears: she is scared of one thing she is scared of what is after death not death its self but of is there heaven. Is it just black. Or is it reincarnation, who created the world, will i see my mother after death (i should also add judgement but I'm lazy)

She has Anthropophobia or better known as social anxiety disorder (i just was diagnosed with social anxiety so...)

She will easily break down in tears for really small reasons

Does not last in bed long, will always be submissive unless forced, will always be obedient if she gives consent

//this is by far my favorite oc because of it being based off me I want to use this oc really soon tell me if your willing to give this a try (and yes my real name is Elizabeth Marie we do not speak of my middle) and there is some stuff that I left out as it is embarrassing parts of my life... I'm not a virgin but it was not my choice to lose it
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Sci fi oc

Name: Mei kusuni. (Me . kun-sue-knee)
Height: 5.7
Age: 178
Sexuality: pansexual
Traits: long white hair, white skin, tattoo under left eye, she cut off her tails
Weakness: ears and a vulnerable place on all females That she was never taught about. /she doesn't know reproduction/

Bio: yea if your reading this I'm happy to meet you, and can not wait till the writer of this throws me in a roleplay! Oh and DON'T GRAB MY EARS!!!

She is a romantic, war ready, paranoid character and can be dom in erp

This is my only fantasy/sci fi character so yea.....

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0 | 0 Comments | Apr 17th 2020 20:04

izumi (Bnha oc)

name: izumi chiharu. (is-um-me chi-ru)
Age: 16
Quirk: shadow manipulation
Quirk weakness: can not use for a long period of time or will pass out of exhaustion
Traits: violet hair with one one long strand of hair, yellow eyes, pale skin
Height: 5.3
Body structure: skinny and fragile
Bio: I'm *sigh* I'm izumi chiharu ... you will call me chiharu, not out of my name unless you have permission...
Class: 1B
Weaknesses: almost everything
◇In a erp she is sub◇

She is a clumsy, awkward, and loveable character

Please ask if you would like me to use this character
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1 | 0 Comments | Apr 15th 2020 19:17

♡○◇□.rules and more.□◇○♡

1. I'm always sub I don't make exceptions (well one of my ocs is dom XD )

2. If you have to send a one liner because I dont give good information or you get writer's block that's ok just try to make it as long as you can

3. I'm down for anything as long as there is no beastiality or (furrys do not count as beastiality)

4. Don't send something that fills my whole page up to five paragraphs is my limit but I'll make an exception if we are setting up a plot

5. I don't erp with everyone only if you are in my age group I don't care tho if your male or female I'm bi!!!

6. If we are Normal talking dont send things like
"Oh cool how was your day, what you doing, you want to rp" ... it gets very annoying if you send stuff like that all in one sentence

7. If you don't respond in a month I will unfriend
Because I feel like that is a good amount of time

8. I like talking Normal too don't come to me in character

9. If you where just looking for someone to talk to I'll listen to you and I will share details of my life if I feel like it

10. Some days I just can not write so if I'm offline for a day I'm probably dealing with a lot

11.if you are reading this thank you
You are a good person

12.i don't bully I expect you to not either


14. If I don't respond I'm probably doing something private and shameful or just daily life

15. My Kink is when I'm your pet, slave, and any other word for that and you are my master pretty wierd but its true

16. If you kill off my character go into detail and kill them in the most brutal way possible please

that's it I'm glad you read this and in rule 13 I didn't target all guys on can't wait to chat UwU
Thank you
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5 | 3 Comments | Apr 12th 2020 10:43