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18 / Female / In Love
Trapped in my mind... please help me, New York - United States
@EriGold i love you

But does it even matter
I'm just a little wh*re anyway

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H e l l o. I will be gone for some time because I'm going to see family that i haven't since I was thirteen thank you for understanding my absence i will be gone for probably a week during this week i will maybe get on time to time
0  May 29th 2020 10:30

Latest Questions

Q. If you're not busy, could we continue the rp
A. Continue we shall
 May 1st 2020 15:10

EriGold asked the question
Q. Waiting for you baby!~
A. Hey I'm sorry I should be back for good
 Apr 26th 2020 15:50

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May 1st 2020 09:14

Apr 26th 2020 22:42

*kisses you and hugs you* Make love with me!~
Apr 26th 2020 22:37

Apr 25th 2020 19:56

My Baby!! I love you so much!!
Apr 25th 2020 19:46

Hi Toga
Apr 8th 2020 11:53