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(Ashlynn Marison)
22 / Female / Single
Maine - United States
*If you ignore this disclaimer it’s on you not me. This is a lgbt account, as I am a member of the community. As a result I am far more comfortable with FxF for romances than MXF. If that bothers you, I’d say sorry but I’m really not. We all got preferences.*

Living out in the ass end of the east of this country, I fell in love with stuff like role play and video games really early in my life. There’s not exactly a ton to do in rural Maine, idk if anyones ever seen it but yeah. It saved me from boredom as a kid and kept my head above water when I went through some mental struggles as a teenager.

And that passion has never once wavered. I invest heavily in making my characters truly feel alive, and I give everything I can to my partners. I’ll work with you to make a plot we can both enjoy and can both dive into and have a blast.

My minimum reply length is two paragraphs, but if you can’t quite hit that I won’t exactly bite your head off, just give me something to work with. The devils in the details as they say.

I’m not even subtle about this part though: I gotta have romances. Plot lines fizzle for me fast without it. And I mean a real romance, not googly eyed love at first sight sh*t. I live for the drama and the build up.

Spicy scenes, for lack of a better term, are open to discussion. I personally prefer to write them, but I’m aware that not everyone is comfy with them, and some get bored with them. I’m flexible, so let’s talk it over.

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