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(The Watcher)
29 / Male / Single
Gotham City, New Jersey - United States
Gotham City Police Department
Human Resources Peronnell File:

Name: MacLeod, Sean Michael
D.O.B.: June 6, 1990
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'11
Weight: 186 lbs
Mother: Elena MacLeod (Deceased)
Father: William MacLeod (Deceased)
Rank: Junior Detective
Current Assignment: Burglarly
Status: Suspended Pending Investigation

Pschological Notes:

Detective MacLeod is a well respected member of the GCPD. Records indicate he entered service with a letter of recomendation from Commisioner Jim Gordon after having been previously turned away from the academy due to his father's dishonorable service with the department. While he has proven to be an effective investigator and patrol officer, he has recieved disciplinary reports on multiple occasions for insubordination (one from the Commisioner himself). Following the shooting at Ace Chemicals, he was put into therapy for post traumatic stress (standard department procedure), though seems eager to get back to work. Detective MacLeod expresses anger towards Batman, and vigilantes in general, for keeping police out of the scene, a situation which ended with Dr. Johnathan Crane (The Scarecrow), executing a member of the GCPD patrol force. At this time I see no danger to himself or others in him returning to service.


In our follow up interview, Detective MacLeod stated he had found a way to cope with his anger over the loss of the officer the night of the shooting. He declined to provide details, but noted that it was extremely physical. Many officers have taken to boxing or other forms of combat sports in the past as a means of releasing aggression. While this is against personal conduct policy, I see no reason for disciplinary action, or to alert his supervisors at this tine. at this time as my primary concern is for my patients well being.

Commisioner's Notes:

Detective MacLeod has been cleared of any and all charges of misconduct during the shooting at ACE chemicals. He may return to active duty after being cleared by Psych.

Latest Status

"Don't wait for a hero. Be your OWN hero."

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Latest Comments

...well, damn.

She expected him to be cross, but not blow her off entirely like this. She most likely deserved it, for vanishing like she did...but did he forget that he disappeared on her once, too?

"I shut everyone out. Don't take it personal," she explained, not moving from her spot. Barbara folded her arms across her chest as she looked up at him. "If you remember, you vanished once too...and I didn't act like this towards you."

She paused, sighing as she shook her head. "Although...I am sorry for leaving the way I did. Why else do you think I came to see *you* first before anyone else?"
Jan 10th 2020 12:33

The night air was cold...wet with the sudden drizzle of rain arriving. Barbara had been waiting for any sign of The Watcher - - she had seen his handiwork as GCPD picked up a few thugs here and there.

Thinking of the GCPD instantly made her think of Sean Macleod...she hadn't even contacted him--hell, she didn't tell *anyone* about her vanishing act.

Cut off all ties. Left her phone at the bottom of the river. Her suit at home in a secret compartment under her bathroom cabinet.

She needed to apologize to him...make it up to him somehow.

A sudden blur of a fight in an alleyway caught the corner of her eye as got ready to break up the fight... Until she spotted him.

The Watcher.

Relief filled her chest, making her heart lep to her throat as she watched him cuff the thug and stand up straight, back towards her.

"Nice work, but I would've left him dangling off the fire escape."

It was the first thing she could think of saying. Anything to resist the urge to just hug the hell out of him... To apologize for being gone without notice... To let him know how she missed him...

No, Babs. Keep it professional. Keep it cool....
Jan 8th 2020 16:00

She had been gone for quite some time.

'Personal reflection,' she called it, when in reality she just...needed to escape the siren call for justice seekers that was known as Gotham City; It was taking a toll on Barbara, and she wanted to get some distance before she turned into her mentor. How he handled the insanity lurking the streets, doubling the patrols, always contacting the team every five minutes...always challenging, never letting anything be good enough...always looking for better...

She needed her space before she snapped.

A few months had passed before Barbara Gordon returned to Gotham City, keeping to her safe place tucked away in Gotham's China Town, only to find herself one night back in the Diamond District...where she was hoping to see a familiar face.

A face that never left her thoughts since she vanished...a face she hoped to see that night while donning her cape and cowl.

So, tonight, it was her turn to wait...and watch, so to speak, for The Watcher himself.
Jan 5th 2020 23:57