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16 / Female / Single
If you are going to add me, I expect you to talk first. And if I add you, I'll send you a message right after you accept my request.

I am not English, so I dont speak English perfectly, but I think it's not that big of a deal.

I can roleplay but also have normal conversations. I am a nice person if you are a nice person yourself.

When it comes to roleplay...
Firstly, I only use Original characters, because I think it is much more interesting.

For the plot... I can roleplay with an original plot, but I also like taking a plot from... an anime or a game (Danganronpa is the best for me) and roleplay it with OCs, and only OCs.

I am done, have a nice day!

Latest Questions

Q. I definitely found a song for Yurri;list=PLF7CB8A07C603E70E&index=73&t=0s


(since Momo hates his old self and how he murdered his father..he tries to avoid it....and Yurri doesn't need explaining XD
A. The first song is as cute as Yurri, indeed.

And the second song probably fits Momo, yes, if he hates his old self
 Aug 13th 2019 03:03

Q. okay...first..I got Akashi and Kiki. I tried to find Kikuo songs that'll relate to them


A. Hah-Hah I know those songs. Yes they are pretty good for Kiki and Akashi!
 Aug 12th 2019 14:41

Latest Comments

Thank you!
Nov 1st 2019 12:50

I already got a theme song for Chinami...from our rp...
if you wanna hear it ;)
Oct 27th 2019 17:08

Take me back please!
Oct 24th 2019 12:37

now we only need to get songs for Izuki, Hina, Kuro, Hiro, Chisaki, Meiko, Kira,
Aug 13th 2019 12:49

Aug 13th 2019 09:10

Meiko, Hiro, Hina, Awari, Izuki, Chisaki, Miyuki, Azusa, Kira, Kuro,

(the only people left....and probably the hardest to do. especially Hiro XD)
Aug 13th 2019 03:16

I could possibly find more songs for the others. I'm now on Momo and Hiro now XD
Aug 12th 2019 15:02

You gave it a chance that's all that matters to me.
Jun 10th 2019 15:58

Of course m'lady I will always do another RP with you.
Jun 9th 2019 06:38

I don't want to be selfish be at the same time I got so attached. I'll let it be to have a bad ending.
Jun 9th 2019 06:23