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(Aquila Cobain)
15 / Female / Single
Decay. Destroy. Help?

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011 asked the question
Q. that's disturbing but kind of sweet?
A. it's basically like having butterflies in your stomach.
 Sep 24th 2019 18:28

011 asked the question
Q. I know what you meant lol. But it's cute that you call them crisps not chips lol
A. this made my insides cry tears of joy.
 Sep 24th 2019 18:21

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Hello, thank you for the friend request
Sep 28th 2019 14:07

Haha, WELP
Sep 23rd 2019 19:21

ok, but like I rlly like your username cuz like, it's what I need
Sep 22nd 2019 19:05