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16 / Male / Single
buffalo, New York - United States
RP character- hi my name is helldog and i am 6 feet and 3 inches tall. when i transform to helldog i have a bone tail that has flames with a upside down heart, some ribcage showing, and a pitbull skull as a head that also burns in flames. my human self is who ever is close by to me. i have a devil sister who i care very much about and will spend my times with her mostly. im a president of a motorcycle called "sons of hell" i am owned by satan but can be owned by any human to. i have anger issues. i go to the bar when im sad or depressed and get drunk off of bud light. i have 3 stages, stage 1 is normal, stage 2 is fight mode, and stage 3 is berserk where i can only take my life to end it thats why satan locked it up but only in emergency he will unlock it. i am wanted by all over of the united states police department and the government for a lot of illegal activities. if you want to get to know me more please roleplay i am open to anyone.

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