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26 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
Hey there, I like to a LOT!! and up for basically anything and everything, I like to try new things as well.

But there are few points I want to make, Dont make it boring, dont try to put all the plot making on me and e.c
Well basically Im really friendly, so if you invite me, text me and we will have nice chat/rp =^.^=

Also if you are rping with me and you think its boring, you are not in the mood, or just dont like me in genera, please tell me!! I do respect all opinions, just let me know, so I can move forward. Its really heart breaking when someone just stops texting you or unfriends you not giving you any clue why. I understand, I also have a social life, my health is not in good condition too, sometimes it takes a week to reply, but I will never unfriend you without giving you a notice ^^