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34 / Male / Married
Ohio - United States
I'm something of a writer, which means I want to be a writer but my type of neurodivergence makes it hard for me to sit down and write a story from beginning to end. That being said, when I am relaxed and have a topic on my mind, I can be really good with words, better at typing than I am at talking.

I'm looking for something that will allow my brain to write in short, focused fashion with some fantastical story in the works, a group storytelling endeavor, if you will.

If you see me post a character that you would like to roleplay with, message me and we will discuss a story.

I will play multiple characters if the story calls for it.

If you feel my writing isn't up to your level and can't handle it, just let me know we are ending the RP instead of just ghosting me while I wait for a reply.

Roleplayer off and on for 17 years.

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