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(Hayate Yamazaki)
22 / Male / Single
NopeTown, Australia
I’ve had other accounts on this site before, but I’ve deleted those and I’m now here with this account to hopefully find some role players who are looking for a long lasting rp; I’m talking like, a first kiss in the rp = about a week of u and I writing :) I’m really in it for the flavor and the fun~
I’m open to any ideas and ofc I’ll probably have suggestions lol
P.S. If you add, I expect you to message first... if not I’ll prolly unadd at some point v(‘•~•)v

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"Activating greeting protocol! Hello there friend! I'm glad to have you as a friend and please don't mind my big ol' friend he's silly. Anyway! Please if you ever wish to talk or RP shoot a message!"
Jul 1st 2020 20:31

Hope we can rp.
Jun 30th 2020 08:24