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(Hawai Ishura)
21 / Female / Single
Chernobyl, Ukraine
hugging me could cut your life span by 5 - 25 years

because i'm radioactive

also i'm Jewish

some other details if necessary,
5'10 ish

uh oh

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You've been stabbed, now what? Run to the hospital? Take it out? Or..... push it deeper til it come out the other end, purposefully to intimidate your opponent. it's too cliché to take it and use it. better to simply push it til it comes out the other end to dominate the fight.
2  14 hours ago

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Thankk X3
Jun 3rd 2020 09:28

thank u
i love yours as well!
Jun 2nd 2020 16:14

Apr 8th 2020 15:01