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114 / Female / Its Complicated
BIG DISCLAIMER: If you are going to add me just to tell me that I'm a liar or a fake or that I'm making all of this up then don't even bother. It makes me really sad when people think I'm lying, mostly because it is a real struggle to live like this.
I am a very complex person and for you to understand why you have to read EVERYTHING below, if someone adds us we will tell you first message to read it. If you don't read it then I don't know if we can be friends :/ I would love to be able to be friends with everyone, but some people are just so mean. Anyway I hope everyone has a great day.

Okay, so I feel the need to be completely honest, believe or don't but it is all true. My name is Allison and I'm from Sweden, I was born male though at most times I feel and act like a girl. Sometimes I feel like I'm just male, sometimes I feel like I'm both or neither, I'm not sure if it's because of what I'm writing below this.

I HAVE MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES. I have never been diagnosed with D.I.D (Dissociative identity disorder.) I do hope to be diagnosed with something in the future cause I'd like to know why I am like this. Sometimes there are A LOT of switches then sometimes there aren't any for hours or days, the most that I've gone without one is a few weeks or so.

Other than having multiple personalities I do hear other voices as well. Voices that whisper my name, mostly when I'm alone,I sometimes also see things and hear sounds that aren't supposed to be there. I am terrified of being alone.


Here is a list of information for all the current personalities. Please do note that I didn't write this in me form because it felt weird for me. the number in the start is their age or assumed age.

Allison- FEMALE 19
This is the main person who is here the most. Please keep in mind that she suffers from a lot of things other than just having more personalities. She suffers from severe social phobia/anxiety, major depression, hearing voices. She often feels lonely, empty, sad etc etc... So please when you are talking with her be considerate and caring. She is a very chill person and tries to be kind to all.

Chandra- FEMALE 5 or younger
Chandra is a very childish and loving 5~ year old. She enjoys playing with stuffed animals and listening to nursery rhymes. She speaks in a very childish matter and she is very sensitive. Please keep that in mind when talking to her.

Kim- MALE 13~
So Kim gets bored pretty easily and he finds most things boring. He has what Allison would call a boring taste in music. Kim would like to exercise and he doesn't like trash food, but something is stopping him from exercising.

This one is very tricky because he is mean and evil and just not nice. If he comes out which he hasn't done in a few years.. Then please BE CAREFUL and don't trust in anything he says. I am so so so sorry in advance if he is mean to you if he ever does come. He is reckless and wants to hurt people and break objects, break relationships.

Dip- MALE 14
Dip is very special in the way he talks because he always repeats himself 3 times with almost everything he says. He is a very shy boy who enjoys drawing, he is scared that he won't be accepted so that is why he doesn't have a lot of friends. He will never be mean to you and is a kind soul who just wants to help.

Alyssa- FEMALE 16
Alyssa was mean to start with, she was actually Alex's girlfriend until one of Allison's long time friends made her realize that it isn't okay to be that way. She tries to be kind as much as she can now and she appreciates life.

Bee- FEMALE 19
Bee is very outgoing and happy, she likes using exclamation marks ! She also loves (low key obsessed) with the word "woosh" You will see her say it A LOT. She often acts very childish even though she is 19 years old, but sometimes she can be mature. There is not a lot of info about her because she is very recent.

@aconfusedcookie Bee’s mommy. Is my mommy her! I is wuv her so so sooo much!
@nox_1940 bestest senpai ever~

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