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114 / Female / Broken Hearted
@Nox_1940 One of my bestest friends :)

Please read everything, I would really appreciate it and it only takes a few minutes if even that. Thanks a lot.
Sorry if it seems harsh, I am actually a very nice person :) Oh and I’m not really good with bios hahah..

I prefer talking and being friends over roleplaying, so you know, so if I say no to roleplaying please don’t be upset.

JUST SAYING; I’m on here to make friends. Also, if we’re talking normally and I like *hugs you* I don’t see that as role playing. That’s just me hugging you, I’m showing you that I’m doing an action with the * * sorry if it seems dumb to explain that;-; but some people say that It’s me roleplaying idk.

Stuff you would wanna know before adding: My name is Allison I'm a girl from Sweden, I'm transgender (born male). I'm 19 years old. I am clingy and can be very annoying. I have depression, anxiety, social phobia, autism and I hear voices / have a few other personalities. I am not sure what they are to be honest. The only one that is here now is Chandra. Chandra is very childish, she talks in a special way. Oh I forgot to mention that I also have ticks and OCD to some high levels sometimes.

I know that this sounds like a lot for one person, and if you don't believe me please don't even bother adding me. I don't care for anyone that's gonna call me a liar or say that I'm fake.

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Q. Have you always been so cute? ^ ^
A. I-I’m not c-cute... uhm s-shhh! Others can see this! >_<
 Oct 2nd 2019 20:50

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reminds you of who? -tilts head-
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