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Toraman asked the question
Q. Favorite color?
A. mine is yellow
 Jul 5th 2019 18:15

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I miss you :(
Jul 21st 2020 01:30

I love you :)
Jun 7th 2020 01:10

“Holy sh*t, this is mine!” Ezra laughs and snaps a picture.
Jun 2nd 2020 04:47

“Wouldn’t do it for anyone else.” -Ezra ❤️
May 30th 2020 00:50

Thanks for always being my rock <3
May 23rd 2020 00:13

Hi there, HOWLS! Wanna continue our roleplay discussion from 9 days ago?
Mar 8th 2020 15:29

Sep 22nd 2019 13:35