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TheLadyOfTruth Diana quickly snapped back to reality as Harley's finger tapped her on the cheek, causing the tear drop to fall to the ground and mix into the soil of the earth.

Diana listened as Harley spoke, when Harley mentioned the possibility of Diana being a sidekick she couldn't help but to smile and then Harley just had to say the quote "The Girl Scouts of Gotham."

The Amazon princess would feel her chest get tight and as she reached her hand out to grab Harley's hand for a handshake she burst out laughing like she never had before, Diana was taken away at how not ready she was for something of that nature to be said.

Diana would shake Harley's hand as she burst out laughing, there were tears rolling down her face as the new team was made official and from that day on they'd be known as "The Girl Scouts of Gotham" at least in Diana's head.

Diana would pull away from the handshake and wipe her tears away, she'd actually snort and speak up:

"Team of the century it is, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. The Girl Scouts of Gotham!"

With one last snicker Diana would snap out of her laughing fit and grab her Lasso of Truth, she'd walk over to Harley and put it on her belt carefully.

"Now Harley, this isn't a toy like you may think it is, use this only when you have to and for the greater good okay?"

Diana stuck her hand up and pointed her pinkie out, she wanted a pinkie promise from Harley herself and that would be good enough for her, at least for the moment.
TheLadyOfTruth Diana would listen intently to what Harley was going on about with the whole "like minded psychopaths" comment and truth be told she got a little worried, she knew Harley wasn't exactly hanging around college graduates but she was on edge about the comment none the less.

Diana would gently place the girl down from her loving hug and place a hand on Harley's shoulder, Diana's touch was shocking really soft and caring, she spoke up again.

"Well Harley, would like to do that quote hero-y thing with me? I know it's a sudden question but maybe we could get you into the Justice Le-"

Diana would stop herself and look down at Harley, Diana knew she didn't care about herself all that much I mean "Live fast, Die clown" was practically her middle name and for some reason she was actually scared for Harley's well being.

"How would you like to do the hero-y thing with me? I know you see me as this goody goody grandma but come on, I'll let you carry the lasso if you wanna be my~"

Diana didn't know how to say the word "partner" very well, last time she had somebody traveling with her she ended up dying in cold blood right in Diana's line of sight, The Amazon zoned out for a moment as a tear fell down from her eyelash, the tear rolled down to her cheek and rested on said blush stained cheek.

Diana didn't even realize that Harley was in front of her at that moment, she was just lost in the moment, she looked lost and helpless, words that didn't usually describe Wonder Woman too well.
TheLadyOfTruth Diana's eyes widened as she felt Harley's arms wrap around her body, Diana wasn't exactly the hugging type and didn't get all that much love and affection from many people if she could be honest..

The Amazon would wrap her arms back around Harley and squeeze her just a little bit, it was a firm yet careful hug and Diana couldn't be happier that this was happening right now, besides the fact she was almost murdered by a clown...

Diana spoke, softly and quietly this time to the energetic Harley.

"It's alright Harley, I'm just happy you're okay too."

Diana couldn't help but to adore the girl's erratic and dare she say crazy nature but she couldn't help but to take a genuine liking to Harley, her screaming ways and all.

Diana wasn't ever overly affectionate but this was a special time so Diana would pick Harley up off the ground and hug her a little tighter, she spun Harley around in a circle and smiled, Diana was actually having... Fun.

Harley seemed to be the only one to make Wonder Woman lighten up a little bit and in all honesty, it was a cute moment that the Amazon would never forget.

TheLadyOfTruth After a good while of seeing nothing but pitch black and an odd ringing sensation rattling around in her then clueless head, Diana would faintly hear somebody screaming names?

"Steve Jobs?..."

Diana groaned and felt her body come back to life, she'd pull her body up from seemingly the confines of near death and sit up, she placed her hand on her forehead, groaning to herself and not quite remembering Harley was in her presence.

The seemingly fallen Amazon would quickly realize the voice and her eyes would jolt open, you could almost hear a glass shattering sound effect play in the background as she sprang to her feet with a serious look plastered onto her face now.

Diana would spring into action, grabbing the Lasso of Truth from the ground and tossing it at Harley, she'd quickly wrap the lasso around Harley's wrist and pull the Clown Princess towards her and catch her in her left arm, Diana would crank her right fist back and go to punch Harley directly in the face but shockingly she stopped right at Harley's face before connecting.

Diana's face softened and instead of punching Harley's lights out she placed her hand on Harley's cheek in a caring manner.

"I'm... I'm really sorry about that Harley."

With that show of care towards Harley, Diana would unwrap the lasso from around Harley and stand her up, Diana was noticeably taller then her but the Amazon cared for Harley, it was a strange feeling but she couldn't stay mad at her.

TheLadyOfTruth "Well~ Hello th-"

Diana would be cut off by the Clown Princess' eagerness to meet her, Diana was quite humbled when Harley admitted that she was a self proclaimed "huge fan."

Diana had let her guard down just enough as Harley began reaching in her pockets for what Diana thought would be a pen or something harmless.

Diana would speak up just before Harley would find what she was looking for.

"Hey, Harley... I can help you if you ne~"

Diana would catch the grenade and before she could realize what it was or what was about to happen the explosion would send her back into the rubble.

Diana would groan as she laid half unconscious on the ground, her lasso and sword were on the ground beside her, she was unarmed now.

As the smoke cleared there laid a now fully unconscious Diana Prince on the ground, Harley had gotten her good and she paid the price for being so clueless and defenseless against somebody as known as Harley.
WallyRWest ‘Who’, indeed.

Wally was hoping he could cut his morning patrol short. No house fires from Heatwave, no hostage situation at the ice-skating rink courtesy of Captain Cold, and thankfully no chaos at the zoo orchestrated by Gorilla Grodd. If the crooks could take the day off, why shouldn’t the sheriff follow their lead?

One last rush around the block, say hi to the locals before stopping by his favorite hot dog vendor at the park. The grass was freshly mown, hedges trimmed and the leaves on the trees were bursting with greenery. What could spoil a day like this?

After the cook had passed the complimentary hot dog of to The Scarlet Speedster, he turned just in time to spot the defacement of the water fountain, as well as the red and black themed clown fancying herself a modern-day Picasso. So much for clocking out early.

Wally sped over, standing right behind Harley as he cleared his throat to call her attention.

“You’d better hope that spray paint washes out easily, or you’re looking at a week’s worth of community service.” He snarked, munching away on his hot dog.

“You’re a long way from Gotham, Quinn. What? Did you get sick of all the art-deco or something?”
bloodlust Eve hadn't planned to get into any trouble tonight. Well, not too much trouble anyways. Maybe a little light thievery but certainly nothing more than that.

Even blood-thirsty criminals needed a break every once in a while.

That was until she heard the unmistakable crash of falling trashcans from a back alleyway, peaking her curiosity. The dark-haired female snuck around the corner before narrowing her pale eyes as she saw a man drawing back his fist with a younger woman under him. "Curse my saint nature.." Eve hissed under her breath. She couldn't just let this colorfully dressed woman get beat up in an alley.

Eve managed to strike before the man could bring his fist down, her platform boot driving into the middle of the back to send him falling face first into the harsh cement. "Disgusting creep. These are new boots." Eve growled, her eyes never leaving the man as she knelt down to grab his throat.

Then Eve turned her face towards Harley and gave her a friendly smile, her sharpened canines glimmering in the moonlight. "You can thank me later for this, clown lady." She giggled.

Eve quickly turned back towards the man in her grip and sunk her teeth into his throat before tearing away with a sickening rip, her hand letting go of his throat to let him fall into a lump on the ground.

"Well, that sure was a surprise snack." She hummed, dusting herself off before smiling another bloodied lip grin.
botanist The first set of knocking went unnoticed by the light green-skinned woman. She was seemingly too engrossed tending to a new golden addition to her ever-growing plant collection while soft orchestral music played in the background.

It wasn't until the louder bang on the door, followed by a muffled voice calling out, did she glance up.

At first, she was tempted to ignore it.

Rarely did anyone come knocking at her door, yelling. Those who knew her simply just walked in or, if you're Selina or Batman, break in through one of the windows. But something was telling her to at least check.

With a quiet sigh, she made her way to the door, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She planned to just look through the peephole and continue to ignore the possible stranger, pretending she wasn't home, but to her surprise, it was no stranger at all.

The door opened just as the blonde turned to leave.

❛❛Harley? You know you don't have to knock. My door is always open to you.❜❜
RATS “Oh you know,” Cleo cleared her throat and looked away, “Here, there. Mainly the streets but you know, the rats keep me warm.” She shrugged, keeping her eyes down on the ground.

“But it’s not so bad! Really.” She quickly said. Cleo didn’t want to make Harley worry or anything. “Rats make great blankets and pillows! Surprisingly..” She chuckled.
RATS Cleo couldn't help but giggle at Harley's excitement towards her little creatures. It was refreshing to find someone who didn't treat her rats like trash.

"Sebastian says hello. And that he likes your outfit today." She chuckled, gently holding the rat out towards Harley. " can hold him if you are careful." She nodded.

Cleo then thought for a moment before shrugging her shoulders at Harley's question. "Straight and narrow? Not really. But! I haven't done any worse so...that counts for something."