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Vaggie looked down, very apprehensive, but all that melted away upon feeling Charlie's soft lips brush against her cheek. She was filled with immense happiness at this point, going into full simp mode. "...Alright. If anyone can find the good in these deviants, it's you." She didn't have much faith in Husk, on the account of Alastor, but trusted Charlie's judge of character. Besides, it's not like they had a line of people waiting to sign up for their virtuous cause. Vaggie gave her eskimo kissums in a display of affection that she showed no one else.
Jan 27th 2021 19:33

"Holograms?" Vaggie intoned curiously as she coursed her fingertips through silky blonde strands. Already her mind was formulating questions. A demon? What kind of holograms? Nothing good. Was she really interested in Charlie's idea of redemption? The demon who looked out for the Princess's best interests had to stop herself and actually put some faith into her bubbly girlfriend. She seemed so upbeat and excited about this newcomer, which made Vaggie smile. "I know your segment on the news bombed so, maybe this odd girl can use her holograms to help advertise Happy Hotel?" She suggested after a solid minute of contemplating. "But I want to meet her first," she added, wishing to meet and get a read on this potential new staff member. She didn't trust anyone, except Charlie.
Jan 26th 2021 04:06

Vaggie's natural resting frown faded into a softened smile at the sight of her lovable ball of sunshine. Truly, Charlie's presence was the only thing that could put a smile on her face. "Hey hun." She let her arms slip around the sun-kissed demon and gave a tender squeeze.
Jan 25th 2021 16:57