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Full Name: Marianna Grace Moriarty

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Marseille, France

Birthday: December 25th

Currently living in: London, England.
Ethnicity: French-Irish

Blood Type: A-Negative

Consulting criminal
Professional ballet dancer

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Social Status: Upper-Class

Relationship Status: …It’s Complicated.

Status: Alive and breathing.

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 148 lbs (67 kg)

Skin color: Ivory/Porcelain

-Long + falls to the small of her back.
-Typically left down unless she’s doing something particularly… messy. If she knows she is going to be a mess by the end of a job, Mari will tie her hair up into a ballerina bun.

Hair color: Copper-orange

Eye color: Emerald-green

Distinguishing Features:
-Mari’s entire body is covered in freckles.
-She has a rather dazzling smile. While it is most beautiful when she genuinely means it, Mari has mastered the art of using that smile to get whatever she wants.

Preferred Clothing:
-If in a casual setting, Mari prefers loose clothes that she can lounge around in. An oversized sweater and a pair of sweatpants are usually her go-to.
-If she is going to “work”, much like her brother, Mari will don a rather expensive suit jacket with a skirt of some sort. Westwood, Prada, all of the best for the Red Devil.
-If in a formal setting, Mari will wear a rather form-fitting gown; usually in a shade of green or red.

-Despite her checkered past with religion, Mari always wears a silver crucifix around her neck. It is the same one that she has had since she was just a child and she can’t bring herself to let go of it. The chain has been repaired more times than she can count, but Mari won’t go a day without that necklace.
-Mari always keeps her nails done and sharpened. Stiletto style, black-painted nails are nearly always what she has done. She insists that she just likes how she looks…but the multiple corpses that she has left behind with gouges in their skin would say otherwise.


Posture: Mari was a trained ballerina for many, many years. There is never a time when she isn’t standing up straight with nearly perfect posture.
Any physical illnesses?: No.

Any mental illnesses?:
-Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
-Psychopath Disorder
-Borderline Personality Disorder

Take drugs?: …What hasn’t she taken/tried at this point?

Smoke?: Almost always.


-The Ruler
-The Lover

Mental age: Despite her often immature and reckless behavior, Mari’s mind is well beyond her years. She had to grow up rather quickly after all she endured as a child, leaving her with a rational grasp on things that those nearly double her age struggle with.

Act before thinking/Think before acting?: Mari is extremely impulsive and often driven by her emotions. If she is able to catch a breath before letting the voices in her head take over, mistakes can be avoided and she thinks before she acts. However, most of the time, Mari acts instantly and doesn’t worry about the consequences until later. (If she thinks about them at all.)

Emotion-wise, generally: Things are very black and white when it comes to Mari and her emotions. She is either entirely too emotional and sensitive about things, or she is as cold as ice and couldn’t care less. Mari used to be entirely compassionate when she was still a child, but one doesn’t tend to stay innocent and loving for very long when they are in the care of James Moriarty.


Way of speaking:
-After growing up with a stutter and such a muddled accent, Mari makes sure that she always speaks clearly and with distinction.
-If she is scared or upset, however, Mari will begin to stutter over her words. If her fear shifts into anxiety, she will even start to slip between French and English.

Common conversation starter:
“Well, well, well…”
“Ah, bonjour…”

Swears?: Unfortunately, Mari has a rather dirty mouth and tends to say whatever is on her mind. That oftentimes includes swearing or…other unsavory words.

Made-up words?: No

Made-up language?: While she doesn’t have a made-up language, Mari’s French-Irish-English accent could be considered a language all her own.


-If a “job” is done in the cyber world, Mari is thriving. She has never met software that she couldn’t destroy or a virus that she couldn’t beat.
-Mari is very graceful and swift due to her many years as a ballerina. If Mari is on her feet, she will almost always have the upper hand in any sort of combat. She is also very flexible and knows how to use that to her combative advantage.

-Mari is highly observant. Much to the dismay of her brother, she can often move without being heard and can sneak around like a fly on the wall. Even if Mari doesn’t seem to be paying attention, she is always listening and keeping important information filed away so that she may use it later.

-Her looks are one of her greatest strengths. A tall, slender young woman with hair as bright as hellfire and eyes as striking as emerald is often underestimated in the criminal world. She is always seen as “Moriarty’s sweet younger sister” by those who don’t know her. If Mari is able to charm somebody with her looks, that person doesn’t stand a chance.

-Despite what she might say, Mari’s biggest weakness is her brother. Jim Moriarty was all that she had for many years and the first person that she had ever truly loved. He raised her for most of her life, keeping her safe from harm and out of any danger that his occupation might have brought her way. Well…that’s how it was at first. While her brother has become nothing short of a monster, Mari can’t ever stay away from him. Whether he is her sense of home or not is anybody’s guess. What can’t be denied, however, is that Marianna loves her big brother more than anything and that has proven to be her greatest weakness time and time again.

-Her emotions. If Mari is feeling particularly sentimental or sensitive, her emotions can cloud her mind. She will act impulsively, making a mess of things before she can even get a grasp on what she is upset about.

-Her need to be perfect is one of Mari’s greatest vices. Jim would often punish her as a child for any mistake that she made, instilling the thought that she had to be nothing short of perfect if she was going to survive. Now, any mistake that Mari makes can result in a meltdown or even her lashing out. Most of the time, she lashes out at herself and punishes herself for any mistake that she has made.

-Marianna is a very skilled ballet dancer. When she started dancing at the age of six, she was quickly put into a much more advanced class with the older kids. She had been the lead in many recitals and was often praised for how easy she made it look.

-Hacking is Mari’s most prominent criminal skill. All the time that she spent home alone while Jim was away on business had left Mari with more than enough time to pick up a few new hobbies. It started with changing her grades while she was in school, but now Mari can access anybody’s bank account in a matter of minutes. As a dangerous man once said, “in a world of locked doors, the man with the key is king,” and Mari is nothing short of the woman with that key.

-Mari is an excellent cook. She often cooked for her brother and made sure that meals were prepared by the time he got home from any important business meetings. She thinks of the kitchen as just another stage, allowing her to move gracefully and create something perfect.

-It is often said that there is a “magnetism” that surrounds Mari. This little quirk doesn’t escape her, no matter how surprised she always acts when it is brought to her attention. Her psychopathy makes it all too easy for Mari to portray whatever role she knows will draw somebody in. Whether it be the innocent damsel in distress or the charming femme fatale, Mari will play the part with ease.

-Mari can be viewed as aloof and even ditzy, but that is far from the case. She is always calculating and observing everything around her. If something is said, odds are that she will remember it and use it against somebody at a later time. She just prefers to hide her calculating nature behind a wall of immaturity and flirtatious jokes. It makes it easier to get people to trust her.

-If Mari doesn’t like you, be prepared to suffer. She is very cold and sadistic to anybody that she doesn’t like. She will even go out of her way to make sure that that person is suffering for every second that they are still living. If you don’t like the smell of lavender, Mari will make sure that you always smell hints of lavender for the rest of your life until you are sure that you are losing your mind. People have called her petty, Mari calls it fun.

-If Mari loves you, however, she will make sure that you know it. Sweet nicknames, little gifts of affection, and other gestures of her love will be given at any time. She will also make sure that the person she loves is never in any sort of danger. Marianna is quick to draw lines of loyalty, but be warned: she is also quick to erase those lines and make somebody an enemy.

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