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a s s a s s i n a t i o n☆p r o j e c t.

the flirtatious maid -->


the two-faced actor -->


more will be added soon.^^
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y o r u.☆ || "was my act good?"

note ;; meet yoru, the second member from "assassination project"! time to make him a two-faced lad... >:)


name ; yoru harumaki.
age ; 23.
gender ; male.
prns ; he/him.
occupation ; actor + assassin.
height ; 178.9 cm.
weight ; 143 lbs.
sexuality ; homosexual, demisexual.
personality ; though the lad may look like a kind person at first glance, but he is actually a self-centered male who has a soft spot for cute things. he is a great actor and can pull of any act someone requests. the lad is quite two-faced actually. to strangers, he'll act like an innocent and clueless lad, but with close friends and members from the company, he acts like a brat. well, sort of... he gets angry quite easily but he tries to hold it in so that they won't get mad at him back. he can't defend himself, both physically and mentally. he can insult you, yeah, but once you insult him back he'll shut up and apologize a few minutes later.
likes ; receiving presents, meat, praises about his act, cute and small things & fashion.
dislikes ; pumpkins, holloween & children.
backstory ; [under construction...]
extra ; i dunno... switch maybe?
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m a r y.☆ || "im the master, not you."

note ;; im making oc's that share the same plot now. :D basically it's going to be about assassins.^^ the whole thing will be called ; " assassination project. " :D all oc's will be having different genders and sexualities too.


name ; mary.
age ; 21.
gender ; bigender.
prns ; she/her, he/him.
occupation ; maid + assassin.
height ; 165 cm.
weight ; 134 lbs.
sexuality ; bisexual.
personality ; a woman who uses seduction to attract her targets, mary is a very smart and vigilant woman who can see through lies. the lass was hired to the company thanks to this ability. she can be very flirtatious, no matter what their gender is. any kind of seduction, and it'll work right away. when she isn't working, the lass' personality doesn't change except that she acts more considerate about the other latters feelings. she acts as the bad influence kind of mother, taking care of her colleague's in... interesting ways. whenever a fight between members from the company happens, mary will not try to stop them, but encourage them to fight. other than this, she can also be very hopeless when it comes to basic things such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of other members normally.
likes ; brownies, milk bread, brussel sprouts, wine, dogs, reading, soft things & roses.
dislikes ; chili peppers, great stories with horrible endings, snow & comedians.
backstory ; since she was still a child, mary never had a last name. it's not like she was adopted into her family, it's just that she was never given one. she was the youngest amongst her four siblings, but she was the one who had to take care of herself, and sometimes, even the others. she lived in a toxic household. her mother would often drink and her father would try stopping her, only to end up in complete failure. this made her father more careless about his surroundings. everytime the lass' mother would drink, he would ignore her and go on with his day. this became an everyday thing for her family. because of this, mary had to take care of things with her own hands and decided to take care of her older siblings instead. the lass was still young back then, she didn't understand that trying to become like her parent's won't be the best for her. mary got her bad influence from her mother, which obviously is not good for her. the lass was able to run away from her household at the age of 15. unfortunately, she wasn't able to bring her older siblings.. they insisted on staying behind, as a way of saying thank you. the lass joined the company since she thinks she can find them if she was part of it.
extra ; sadistic dom. i think....
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c h e s t e r.☆

ps ;; i... im too lazy rn. i have no motivation or whatsoever to make his backstory. this is probably my most lazy info ever.


name ; chester.
age ; unknown.
gender ; demi-boy.
prns ; he/him, they/them.
height ; 179 cm.
weight ; 135 lbs.
sexuality ; homosexual.
personality ; stubborn and quite a drunkard, chester can be described as a very... interesting character, to say the least. he isn't fond of humans but regularly visits the human world just to go to bars where he could order drinks and get drunk. as mentioned above, he is very stubborn, but if you offer him something he finds interesting, then he might just accept it (especially if it was beer or wine.). he is quite fond of tall lads and acts less stubborn than usual. he can be quite intimidating when meeting new people, but once he opens up to you, he'll act like a different person. he is less intimidating and more kind and considerate. :) he'll also be more open about his feelings if you get even closer to him.
likes ; beer, wine, tall men, pretty sceneries & flowers.
dislikes ; humans, sudden phone calls & children.
hobbies ; drinking beer or wine.
backstory ; [under construction.... again.]
his role if i ever use him for erp ; sub (?)
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0 | 0 Comments | Nov 23rd 2021 05:15

a e g r y s.☆

ps ;; another thing i had just realized... i said i do fantasy rp but i dont have much fantasy cos. so here is another one. :)


name ; aegrys castemont.
alias ; irys.
age ; 7000.
gender ; genderfluid.
prns ; she/her, they/them, basically all.
height ; 178 cm.
weight ; 136 lbs.
species ; demon.
sexuality ; bisexual.
personality ; a very straightforward and energetic kid, aegris basically acts like a child for someone who's over 7000 years old. she loves anything fun and colorful. you'll always see her befriending anyone she meets and inviting them to hang out with her. there is never a time you'll see her not alone. she'll always be seen hanging around with people in different places and different times. she has a schedule every single day for the people she hangs out with. every second, she's with someone, like as if she'll die if she doesn't do something for at least a whole second. though she may be energetic and straightforward, she is in no way, stupid. she has a keen eye and knows whether someone is lying or not. whether someone is sad or not, she knows. and no, she doesn't have the ability to read minds. she just knows how to read the mood. other than that, nothing else stands out from her personality. :)
likes ; making friends, drinking, shopping, receiving presents, arcade games and video games.
dislikes ; none at the moment.
backstory ; [under construction.]
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1 | 0 Comments | Nov 22nd 2021 06:20