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(Wounded Healer)
15 / Male / Broken Hearted
Lost in my mind, Florida - United States
...................Is it too late to make things right?

Latest Status

I live in a constant state of fear and misery
Do you miss me anymore?
And I don't even notice
When it hurts anymore...
Mood: gloomy
1  15 hours ago

Latest Questions

Papyrus asked the question
Q. Eh a little.
A. I'm sorry you feel blah! Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?
 Sep 5th 2019 00:17

Papyrus asked the question
Q. *hugs back*
A. Do you feel any better?
 Sep 5th 2019 00:15

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Happy Halloween
Oct 31st 2019 10:28

*Hugs back tightly and warmly* ^w^
Oct 24th 2019 16:58

Oct 24th 2019 16:55

I'm getting offline...
Oct 17th 2019 23:11

Oct 17th 2019 23:10

Oct 17th 2019 23:09

Oct 17th 2019 23:08

Oct 17th 2019 23:07

Your a guy...
And I'll have you know that I am not gay.
Oct 17th 2019 23:05

Tooooooo bbbbaaaddd....
Oct 17th 2019 23:02