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• Mostly a symbolic figure;
• He doesn't have the power to control other feuds;
• He has his own feud and can only make laws over his own;
• Every other feud is completely autonomous and independent;
• There are some generic laws that all feuds must obey, decided by a committee with the various lords when the first feuds were founded; (rules like that it's forbidden for anyone to use undead)
• The Emperor's real role is to serve as supreme judge:
— When two feuds are in competition over some matter, the leaders involved can ask for the Emperor to study the case, decide who is right and wrong and choose penalties;
— The Emperor is also called to intervene when feuds don't follow the general laws, or act in seriously unethical ways. (Someone has to usually report the feud in question, in order for the Emperor to take action).
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Species: Oni.
- They aren't mutated auriold or zimox, they are a species of their own.
Gods involved: Xie and Phoei.
* Gu — son of the two, formerly a minor god, officially the first Oni. (After he lost godhood. He was born with two elements, the same as his parents, thus his existence as God would compromise the balance. He was deprived of godhood and sent in Nortrig. It happened in recent times, Oni race is rather new.)

Feeding: Mixed. They need both fear and normal food, until and unless their level of cultivation becomes high enough. At that point, they become able to only feed on fear.

• They feed on fear;
• Their aura tends to cause other creatures to feel naturally uneasy;
• They can perceive others' emotions clearly;
• They can't feel fear, but all their other emotions are amplified;
* In some cases, every feeling that other species associate with fear (anxiety, worry etc) are felt as anger.
• They can only reproduce with other Oni and Knights with BOTH Evil and Fear elements (regardless the order);
• They are heavily empowered by fear, the more they consume, the stronger, faster and agile they get;
* It's not permanent, it's like a buff that last for a while. Their skill decrease as fear is consumed by their bodies.
• They are sexually aroused by fear;
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When they finally manage to find a way to reach WuNing, she speaks to him as if she wasn't a doctor at all. She asks him questions about himself and his past, like she was having a conversation between friends.

WuNing indeed proves that not just he is convinced to be this new person in every detail, he also developed extremely detailed memories throughout his whole life, from childhood to the current day, none of which are of facts that happened for real.
He even spoke of the last case he worked on, as IA officer, before falling into coma. Everything with such care of details that it would be harder to believe that WuXin and the others are saying the truth than WuNing. But Christoph knows about dissociative disorders and that's something typical of these matters.

As it is for these conditions though, there isn't an exact cure to make it pass. And there is not much she can do, beside to advice people to avoid to force the truth into him, to avoid the risk of trauma and causing the formation of even more personalities.
She can't force WuNing into therapy either, since that personality knows nothing about XueBao and his real past, meaning that he wouldn't be able to help in finding out the cause that triggered the dissociative disoder.

All she can do, for the moment, is to suggest everyone to try to tag along with the new personality until there will be more developments. And getting along with him now is easier said than done.
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The ball occurs on the Friday evening in Malicedom. The beginning is fixed at 6 pm, where families are supposed to arrive.
Since the travel between Heinmenhos and Xhuanghen isn't yet so free, the families of the Eastern have to receive special passes to cross the border with their children for that night.

The huge main hall was set with big tables, for 10+ people, where families can take seat and eat. There will be a massive feast too, of course.

Another big hall was set for dancing, with also a stage where the theatrical show will be performed.
The processors are all present too, as well as the headmaster, and parents are free to meet and speak to them too. They will participate to the feast as well.

There is freedoms to move through the corridors to the halls dedicated to the ball but not to the other areas of the school like classrooms or dormitories.
The garden is free too, if people have boots long enough to not get soaked in mud till their knees.
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Malicedom wasn't ready for this new wave of eastern kids, especially Zhao XinLan. At the school there are various forms of support for students with learning difficulties, but his case is something not even the northern experts really know how to handle.
He has too much energy, if he doesn't use it he feels unwell. He is rarely attending all the classes of the day, quite often he is taken out to waste some energy.

Zhao XinLan tried various sports and seemed to like them all, also doing quite well in them, although he is a danger for other players.
One teacher in particular, Anthony Riddle, who teacher Physical Empowerment and Synergy and Coordination in the Order of Fighters, took interest into the kid and decided to help him, especially in learning how to manage his strength.

Anthony gives him a little session before the lessons start in the morning and another in the middle, so that he can consume his energies without making a fuss in the classrooms.
Also, the sport teachers are scared of his strength and Zhao XinLan got kinda kicked from all the sports except gymnastics, but Anthony is playing the sports he likes with him, in their time off.
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