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F*** a h8r
4  Dec 1st 2021 23:31

Latest Questions

GLIMMER asked the question
Q. And who will catch you when you fall?
A. The great amount of love I’m about to have for you will break any fall.
 Oct 22nd 2021 05:51

GLIMMER asked the question
Q. One week of being smitten for you. ❤
A. I’ll be here to catch you when you fall.
 Oct 22nd 2021 05:38

Latest Comments

You've made the happiest I've felt in so long.
Dec 3rd 2021 05:48

Here to remind you that I f***ing love you.
Dec 2nd 2021 05:21

I'd very much appreciate that!
Oct 9th 2021 01:39

A classic cosmopolitan!
Oct 7th 2021 06:55

Oh I'll definitely take your word for it! I don't need to see to believe. Or in this case, taste.
Oct 7th 2021 03:29

Classix. One of the sexiest drinks made if I'm being honest.
Oct 7th 2021 02:40

So what kind of drink are you having tonight? (:
Oct 7th 2021 02:22