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25 / Female / In a Relationship
Texas - United States
Not using Krissy for romantic RPs anymore. Her relationship with Py is too precious to me.

I'm not good at starters, since I'm not good at deciding the setting. Since I can stuff pretty much any of my characters into any setting, I'll let you choose. I just like to pretend to be these characters, but they don't have to be in their own worlds. I chose "Crossover" as one of my genres for a reason. Pretty much, I'm just creatively bored and want to write stuff.

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Grobot asked the question
Q. ur turn :3
A. Remember I have a life outside of roleplay. I know when it's my turn because I get an email. I wish you'd stop bumping me within a few minutes after you post
 Feb 10th 2017 16:24

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*Nuzzles her cheek.* Come on... sometimes... You just need to look forward...
Sep 4th 2017 12:24

*Tackle hugs and Holds her closely.* Don't be sad... I'm here for ya!
Sep 4th 2017 12:12

I will be going to sleep now night
Aug 11th 2015 23:02