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(Bruce Banner)
43 / Male / Single
New York - United States
"The angrier I get the stronger I get! I’m the strongest one there is! Hulk Smash! "

Latest Questions

Q. Bruce, it is good to see you my friend. Will you be attending the feast tonight?
A. "As nice as the offer is, I'm going to pass. I'm too busy with my work. I can't turn away from it quite yet. Maybe next time." Banner nodded.
 Jun 7th 2019 13:19

Latest Comments

Emerging from the folds of his cloak a hooded man appears from thin air. "Doctor Banner, the world is in grave danger and your assistance is required once again."
Mar 14th 2019 13:03

I hope so too. :) If there's an idea you're wanting to do or simply want to discuss a storyline, just hit me up!
Feb 11th 2019 19:13

Hello. :)
Thank you for accepting!
Feb 9th 2019 21:56

|| Thanks for accepting. Write anytime! ||
Jan 13th 2019 19:56