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(Raiden DonPachi)
25 / Male / Single
Minnesota - United States

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Q. I'm sorry.
A. It’s okay.
 Oct 27th 2017 10:39

Q. Thank you I'll send the plot
A. Okay. Please stop sending me questions now.
 Sep 30th 2015 22:34

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My boyfriend is german and I just pick up on a bit of it
Feb 14th 2019 06:47

Feb 13th 2019 22:51

I’ve tried some and I couldn’t seem to get them to work
Feb 13th 2019 21:38

Annyeong haseyo. Im Robin or D*ck Grayson. -cape woosh- I was taught by @TheDarkKnightreturn and put into adoption. Now Im an orphan and was one for 1 year going on 25. I would love to be in a stable family and have friends not an rich nor poor. Just being happy with your self. No drama allowed with me. Anyways if You would like to join my family as my bro or be my friend please fill out this

Single or Taken
Reason of adoption

If you dont want to adopt me thats also fine, Im here to write. Just send me over a starter or I can send you over mine.
Feb 12th 2019 22:47

Aug 25th 2018 23:29

Ah hello there new friend I am Bohemand Von Rommel or simply Bohemand. Just wanted to thank you for sending a request and if you wanna talk or rp just shoot me a message.
Mar 19th 2018 19:31

(No clue, though a Nanashi account seems intresting, maybe they got bored, or something? Idk)
Mar 15th 2018 08:49

I hope you read I only rp My Hero Academia cuz if not unfriend me
Apr 11th 2017 08:45

Feb 20th 2017 12:17

wanna continue?
Dec 28th 2016 17:18