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(Trudie Bennet)
25 / Female / Single
L.A, California - United States
Trudie Bennet


Occupation: graduate college stud and mother

Info: trudie was poor growing up she had little toys to play with ppl would make fun out of her for being poor , trudie parents would work nights during the day to spend time with trudie in high school trudie was quiet would often focus on school work until graduation getting into college trudie made friends working her way up for goals being journalist or sales manager while her parents to raise trudie right trudie is quite sometimes will be blunt tried to live her life .

Personality: sweet , caring , quiet , tough

Hobbies: playing sports, meditation, travelling around the world, reading , cooking , baking

Sexuality: straight will date trans male and non binary , femboys

18 + real life and romance light and dark mature theme

Rp ideas

Options 1: during college and finishing college she meets a student on campus doesn’t know them getting to know each other until they hookup for one-night stand

Option 2: during the relationship she is forced to have sex and gets pregnant taking child caring for the child while taking the abuse

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