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(Makio senju)
18 / Female / Single and Looking
.., .. - Japan
Hey.. I do any RolePlay I guess- looking for friends..
“You’re so dumb..”
My favorite piece of jewelry is.. your hands around my throat.
I mainly do MxF but I’ll do any really!
You add, you talk first
Uhm.. my name is Makio, I’m 5’3”.. single sadly!
“Listen up, dog. I don’t plan on being very friendly to you. So, be prepared.” She said, pointing her small finger at the viewer, a pouting look on her face.
I do many anime verse role plays. (AOT, KNY, etc)
Thank you for reading
Also if we do 18+, I suck at being a dom.
(Most my ocs are demons)
Okay, so based on past experiences don’t be some cunt who gets mad because I won’t just f*** you.

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A. I did know!
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