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Vaggie: He died of natural causes.

Charlie: You pushed him off the roof. :(

Vaggie: Gravity's natural.
2  Feb 26th 2021 23:21

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I rebloged on accident
Feb 4th 2021 18:08

"I knowwwww." Charlie huffed, puffing her cheeks. "You can put a little faith in me, you don't need to go detective on everyone, as much as I appreciate it." she sighed, kissing the moth demons cheek. "She seemed to know Husk, and spoke a lot like Al. But blue." Charlie laughed.
Jan 26th 2021 09:00

And as always, the blonde princesses smile only grew more in the arms of her beautiful, hispanic bab. "I met someone new today! An odd girl who can make holograms at the hotel! Maybe she'll want to help with redemption?"
Jan 25th 2021 18:45

"Vaggie!" Charlie grinned, hugging her girlfriend.
Jan 25th 2021 10:59