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14 / Female / In Love
Maryland - United States
Hello ^_^ I'm iris! Its really nice to meet you! Fair warning I am baby. I really like doing supernatural roleplays ^^. My favorite are ones with vampires/werewolves/demons with a human. But I'm flexible. Feel free to message me!

Please be nice and lenient. I have (all diagnosed) depression, bulimia, ptsd, anxiety, ocd, hallucinations (barley anymore), and nightmare disorder. I'm also very physically I'll some of the few things I have are chronic migraines, a muscle disease, a fractured spine, and tourettes. So please cut me a break. I'm sick and need to sleep a lot. I also have a lot of doctor appointments to attend to. I cant always reply but I sure as hell will try!

a beauty so fine,
it hurts me how you make my words choke.
a beauty so devine,
it makes me want to hope.
oh beauty please, oh please be mine?
- @darko_and_co

My amazing boyfriend: @GodsKnight
I absolutely love you ya eg


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A. I am I'm sorry D: I needed to eat
 Dec 28th 2018 18:52

MonaRose asked the question
Q. My bad your turn now :3
A. Okay XD
 Oct 26th 2018 22:20

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It's been a while are we still up for rping
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