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Goblinz's Blog

The goblinz of Yarmeda Dam

☢️ Mutant races | Gray Goblinz

( ✥ ) Lore ( Origins )
Born from a special F.E.V (Forced Evolutionary Virus) variant added with one century of natural evolution throughout the harsh wastes of Texas, the grey Goblinz of Yarmeda Dam was the ideal mutant race "The Master" could not achieve. Created from within the depts of vault 130 in Texas located under the "Yarmeda dam" by the remains of Dallas, the grey goblins first colonized this massive pre-war military facility making it their safe heaven in which they multiplied and nested turning the Dam in their own fortified headquarters keeping most hostiles at bay with powerful artillery fire from the top of the massive dam.
Unlike their counter-parts & far cousins the super-mutants, the grey goblins were blessed with the capacity to reproduce amongst themselves making their thriving upon the wasteland of "Scorched Texas" even easier & promising. The dam provided electricity, weapons & protection helping them grow stronger as their numbers reaching a whopping 1 million goblin tribals ruling over Scorched Texas by the year 2281.

( ✥ ) Lore ( Faction relationships )
Despite their physical weakness compared to humans & most of the wildlife, found in the wastes, Grey Goblins rely on their numbers. Mostly found in large groups & platoons, the Goblinz have learnt that they are stronger together creating an almost perfect harmony amongst themselves. They scavenge in large groups, disassemble ruins together but mostly fight together swarming enemies. Their base weapons & body armours consist of mostly cheap custom rifles & reinforced army dusters to patrol the blazing deserts. They ration out food & resources while always prioritizing other goblins before anyone else. Their hierarchy ladder goes as follows:

◈ 〔Grey Goblins
If one disrespects a grey goblin they will all turn on an aggressor. If a grey goblin wishes something out of a stranger they must obey no matter what.

◈ 〔Other Mutants
Other mutants are protected & wildly appreciated by the goblins as long as they are not hostile. Ghouls & super-mutants or nightkins are welcomed, guests.

◈ 〔Humans
Humans are usually welcomed around goblin settlements. Traders are usually left alone but members of certain groups or possessing certain artefacts may get robbed or bothered in some places. Goblins will generally be less friendly to humans while not out-right attacking them. (Synthetics included)

◈ 〔BOS〕(The brotherhood of steel + Enclave)
They are hated by the goblins. Anyone in a power armour will mostly be violently targeted. Enclave soldiers are also enemies of the Goblin tribe.

◈ 〔NCR
NCR is welcomed around the tribes as long as they show no hostility. Most goblins will however be more than happy to remind them this isn't their land often insulting them or being pricks.

◈ 〔Legion of Ceasar
Ceasar's legion is not welcomed in Scorched Texas. The goblin tribe is at full war with the legion they consider as "Slaving idiots" Brutality between the two factions is shown as goblins empale or devour members of the legions.

◈ 〔Raiders
Raiders are generally attacked & tracked down by Goblins. Most of the surviving raider gangs fleed to the ruins of Dallas held by the immense goblin army salvaging down the city's ruins. They are considered close to extinct in Texas.

◈ 〔The Institute
They have no clue it exists and don't care... Robots will be generally treated as simple machines and will be mostly ignored as they value technology & have nothing against it.

( ✥ ) Lore ( Faction's beleifs )
The Goblinz of the dam have a very simple philosophy. They wish to help mutant-kind rise up to live freely in a land of their own. This means they, of course, wish total control of "Scorched Texas" while as well having even more means or technology to defend themselves. Although they do not trust humanity they neither despise it's many flaws as they remember that humans were the one that made them.

In a perfect future, Golbinz & Humans could live together or perhaps annihilate one another. Nobody knows for sure.

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