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(Floof Nugget)
16 / Female / In Like
My birthplace, Oklahoma - United States
I am not new. My previous account got banned due to the fact that my pfp was deemed inappropriate. I have lost all my characters that worked so hard on for the past three years. I am upset that all the work waa lost and j want to ball my eyes out.

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0  Aug 15th 2019 22:33

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Q. why are we both so goofy?
A. Because it makes other wonder how we do it and confusing people is the most fun thing to do in the world, other than enraging idiots who deserve it.
 Jul 9th 2019 21:05

Latest Comments

I'm enjoying our little story. ^^
Jul 24th 2019 16:20

why you not on discord?
Jul 17th 2019 19:32

I'm really enjoying our rp c:
Jul 10th 2019 14:17