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(Emma Roberts)
20 / Female / In Love
None ya business, Antarctica

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// Happy Martin Luther King jr. day guys. His dream is what should be followed. We should all share that dream.
2  5 hours ago

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EYELESS asked the question
Q. "I like kid most."
A. "I don't, because i'm an adult." she grumbled.
 Jan 16th 2021 11:50

EYELESS asked the question
Q. "I could be calling you Ginger."
A. "It's better than Gremlin i guess." she huffed.
 Jan 16th 2021 11:46

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"You're such an idiot," Jack snorted a bit, shaking his head faintly.
4 hours ago

Emma's phone buzzes; it's Ty Lee-
' Found guy in yellow hoodie, in bad shape , lotsa blood! , send help ;-; , long path leading up to my camp !

The acrobat was in full force panic.
Jan 17th 2021 14:35

And Lorelei started crying too, of course. "Too bad this is only temporary, but I-I'm beyond ecstatic!"
Jan 16th 2021 13:16

Lorelei let go of her face and hugged her tight, her voice had been wavering as if she'd burst into tears at any moment. She had already cried tears of joy at seeing LJ.
Jan 16th 2021 13:10

Lorelei nodded and cupped Emma's cheeks. "Ya so pretty!"
Jan 16th 2021 13:05

Gasp. "I always knew you were beautiful!! I was right!!" She had glowing pupils in her sockets, grey and bright blue like they used to be. She could see, but just temporarily.
Jan 16th 2021 12:48

Ty Lee is all smiles as she reciprocated wholeheartedly, enveloping Emma in her sweet pea scent. She wraps her arms around her dear friend and gave an ever so tender squeeze. “Traveling the world! The Ringmaster wanted to showcase our work to the other nations. It was so much fun but gosh, I missed you!” She pulls back to beam radiantly. “How’ve you been! You look great!”
Jan 16th 2021 11:59

Finally approaches Emma, looking a bit scathed from her venture in the woods. “Oh my Spirits, Emma HI~!” She exclaims, her strife all but forgotten at the sight of a familiar face.
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ*:・゚✧
Jan 16th 2021 11:34

Jack blinked slowly then rose her face a bit more and placed a quick kiss to her lips before standing straight again, "You better be okay."
Jan 15th 2021 20:27

"Wh-" Jack tensed then furrowed his brows before cupping her face instantly. He leaned down a bit, looking into her eyes. Well- ish, "Sure. I'm on edge... But it's nothing you did. You haven't done anything to me. I'm sorry that I've been such a d*ck, it's nothing you've done, kid," he pressed a soft kiss to her forehead then shook his head slightly, "you haven't done anything but be amazing, Emma."
Jan 15th 2021 20:19