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(Ghost Girl)
22 / Female / Single
Kentucky - United States
Hi you may call me ghost girl or just ghost

Name: ghost girl


Human age:22

Ghost: 200 years

Location: South Korea , Kentucky present , France , Spain

Language: korean , German , Spanish, french , English

Info: in the 1900’s ghost girl her mother loved her the most her father was always jealous one day her killed her mom without anyone knowing under mysterious circumstances being abused and used as he saw fit with few friends 12 years until burglary attempt she saw the burglary stealing jewellery, food kidnapping her in attempt to escape in the woods was r/pe sexually assaulted laying unconscious unaware what was happening until he killed her buried her in the ground no one knows later she was at peace in heaven got bored being in heaven she roams this earth looking for the killer to get her revenge back on her death state wants to find peace.

Personality: quiet , sweet , friendly , loving , muderous

Hobbies: playing with toys, reading books , roaming the earth , scaring people, watching the world, meeting new friends

Sexuality: pan- sexual leans more towards guys and girls , LGBT FRIENDLY

R/S: single

18 + dark mature theme undead supernatural horror and physiological thriller romance / n*fw er*t*c stories

Fxf occasionally fxm

Dark desire and fantasy needs show me your inner darkness

If you have ideas share it to my in the dms all ideas are welcome

I can rp as girlfriend, wife , best friend, model , actress , model , striping

// do not be creepy or hostile towards me will be hard blocked so bear with me I’m not always online busy with friends and family, chores or at work I’ll reply when I can

Rp ideas:

Step dad x step little daughter

Girlfriend x girlfriend

Boyfriend x girlfriend

Childhood best friend x best friend

Kidnapper x victim

Serial killer x victim

Stalker x victim

Model x model

Stripper x client

Actress x fan

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