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24 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
I'm new to this site but not too new to RP in general. I'm a world builder and rather enjoy creating an interactive story style experience where players make choices based on the world around them and the story progressive based on their choices.

My stories often start with little context other then what genre and the setting the playe ris in when the story starts. Players should keep in mind my stories are often 18+ and can include things like graphic descriptions, violence, explicit language and possibly dark and twisted content that some players may find uncomfortable or disturbing.

My only rules are as follow.
1. Please do not take full control of the environment around you or pre-determine what happens in the story other then the actions and reactions you perform.
2. Please do not take part in my stories if you're looking specifically for an online sexual partner. That's not why I'm here.
3. Please keep your reactions and actions to at least semi paragraphs and at max two paragraphs.
4. Perfect spelling isn't a huge deal but please speak clear English and use quote marks when using speach.

If at any point a roleplay is getting too uncomfortable or too dark, please don't resort to reporting just ask me to diel it down a bit. I will do my best to do so but no promises.

I do also enjoy roleplaying as my OC Monika Silverstone.

Monika Silverstone (aka Mona)
Created originally for a DND campaing, Mona is a sexy, roof running, street risen human barbarian girl at the age of 19 years old with a short temper with a troubled background. After her and her twin sister Nayumi were almmost forcefully made to contribute in a ritual that would have binded them to an unknown entity, she and her sister escaped from her mother's clutch and discover she had a hand in their Father's death. The girls spend their earlier teen years surviving on the street and taking up a vigilante life style and build a reputation within the city as the Kama Twins, bringing justice to those whom wrong the innocent. At the age of 15, one night the girls are ambushed by an anonymous hooded gang. Out numbered, during the combat, Mona is rendered unconcious and Nayumi is kidnapped leaving no trace or information as to where the gang disapeared to or what happened to Yumi. Monika spends her next 4 years trying to find as much information as possible about her sister's where abouts but to no luck.

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