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28 / Female / Single
United States
Multi-muse OCs are my specialty, and I prefer creating new muses with new partners for each story, but AUs of those are welcomed if I'm digging the muses enough. Willing to play multiple characters at once, as well as sides, but I won't write for every secondary by myself.

I prefer description and at least a paragraph, though one-liners during moments of conversation is acceptable, but not constantly.

Plotting and OOC discussion is highly preferred. I don't want to progress the story all on my own, so please pull your own weight. Surprises are welcome, but don't blindside me with a character death or something to that magnitude.

Romance is not to be forced, please and thank you. Not really into slice of life stories, or anything in a modern setting, barring special cases. No fandoms; original settings only.

Come at me, bro.

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