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22 / Male / Single
Texas - United States
Hello there! If you are reading this I will tell ya some things about me.
My name is Nathan Early, I'm on here almost 24/7 until school starts, I am not picky about what RP type you want to do, I will pretty much adapt your writing length or style, in the coming weeks I will be creating 2 or 3 more characters for people to RP with if you want to RP with me just friend me and send a message so I know.

Alright, here are some ground rules.

1. If you wanna take the RP in a certain direction, ask, don't just say "screw it" and do it.
2. You respect me and I will respect you.
3. If you are busy, let me know, and when you aren't busy just shoot me a message.

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My neck hurts so damn much rn, I have no idea what I did to cause it, but it definitely hurts.
1  Jan 19th 2022 22:59

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