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(Werner Werman .)
16 / Other / Single and Looking
Lockwood Estate , Alabama - United States
Guten tag everyone! Ze name is Werner werman.

Ooc: Hi! I love movie monsters,Dino’s,and horror games! I am writing a book and I will use characters from there.

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Q. I see you like movie monsters, does that include the ghosties? :D
A. I don’t know what that is
 Sep 12th 2022 20:30

TDK asked the question
Q. Hey, are you still doing the Madea roleplay?
A. Yes if u answer
 Jun 2nd 2022 16:50

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Now I did. :)
Sep 13th 2022 21:16

Hi. :)
Sep 13th 2022 21:07

Yay! I already replied, want me to reply again?
Jul 10th 2022 21:57

Wanna continue the RP?
Jul 10th 2022 21:42

Oh your good I'd love to get started:)
Jun 13th 2022 17:16

I wrote you a starter and never got anything
Jun 13th 2022 17:14

Hold on, glitching again.
May 31st 2022 15:51

Uh oh the website is glitching again, it does this rather frequently. I'll try to respond whenever I can again though. :)
May 31st 2022 12:53

It is ok!
May 21st 2022 17:49