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(Gerard A. Way)
30 / Male / Single
Summit, New Jersey - United States

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Latest Comments

Boo! (You happen to use discord? I wasnt sure if you wanted to rp there or not
Feb 4th 2022 20:25

I’d comment on your status but i cant, but welcome back~!
Oct 16th 2021 22:28

Its been a long time :P
Jun 8th 2020 16:25

Jun 8th 2020 13:37

Miss ya hun! Btw I’m headed to california for a few days next week
Mar 1st 2020 02:34

I’m gonna add an idea in (when the story is at them being at the show) she could sing?
Nov 17th 2019 17:33

I got the post for the idea ready but it’s a long one. Thought I’d warn you in advance haha
Nov 9th 2019 18:31