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(Ben Ruby)
48 / Male / Single
Indiana - United States
Benjamin Abraham Ruby. Single, 48, male, straight, human. 6'8. 280 pounds. Bar owner, ex police officer, played some football, did some wrestling, occasionally lifts weights. Kind, gentle, protective, passionate. Only runs if there is a buffet!

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((I am here, trying to get as many replies done as I can. My brother had emergency open heart surgery today to prevent a potentially fatal heart attack so life has been a bit stressful! Bear with me, I will get replies to all asap. Thanks, I appreciate you all so very much!
Mood: grateful
1  Apr 8th 2019 21:11

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Thank you for adding me, looking forward to creating a great storyline with you in the near future! :D <3
Apr 5th 2019 11:55