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(Kwon Ji-yong)
33 / Male / Broken Hearted
Breaking hearts in - Korea (South)
-Give Me All Of That Toxicity-

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1  Jan 11th 2022 18:31

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Seulgi asked the question
Q. What would you donifnyour girlfriend wanted to leave you because she couldn't take the relationship anymore? Just a question...
A. Not to be a toxic d*ck... but who told her leaving was an option? She's stuck with me, I don't know if she got the memo but... this is a forever thing *Laughs*
 Oct 5th 2021 23:49

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Hiya~ Im JiEun or most known as The nation's little sister, IU. Thank you for adding and hopefully we can have an amazing conversations and a wonderful friendship ^^
Oct 12th 2021 20:00

best. friend.
Sep 21st 2021 23:45

Hi!! Thank you so much for accepting XD My name is Skylar but my friends all me Sky it is so nice to have you as a friend plus Welcome to my lovely page!! XD
Sep 16th 2021 19:09