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(Gazlene (Gaz) Membrane)
21 / Female / Forever Alone
United States

• No one liners please, I like details and actual charecter development.

• I'm more than ok with dark and spooky themes, so let your mind flow with those dark ideas.

• Be literate.

• You add, you message first please!

Simple easy to follow rules, I'm not too strict. I sort of try to roll with the punches.

Latest Questions

Q. Umm hello?
A. Hey! Sorry, I had my hands full ^w^
 Nov 6th 2017 19:18

Latest Comments

Oct 6th 2020 16:15

// I know it's weird to comment here but Gaz is personally one of my favorite people to roleplay with!

She is absolutely phenomenal with her writing and I'm always excited to hear back from her!

I recommend adding her! You won't regret it.
Jan 19th 2020 19:01

Don't apollogise, I just wanted to make sure your okay. I get people need breaks from here every now and again.
Sep 26th 2019 16:35

Hey there, been a while since I seen you online. You been okay?
Sep 26th 2019 16:29