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21 / Male / Single
Istanbul, Turkey
We get the world we deserve.

I've been roleplaying for almost eight years and I absolutely love it. If you have any plot ideas, don't hesitate to share it with me. Before roleplaying, I’d appreciate if you read my rules, you can find it in my blog. I create an original character for each plot but I can also roleplay canon characters if I’m familiar with them and in the mood for it.

I'm a detailed and literate writer even though English is not my native language. I do my best with spelling and punctuation, I'd expect the same from you. I won't write anything less than a para and I'm most comfortable with multis and novellas. I usually roleplay a mixture of many genres, mainly romance, and I'm fine with writing sm*t too, as long as it's not the main focus of the story. I like sending pictures and gifs back and forth along with replies!

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Awwww! They’re so happy together :D
Feb 5th 2021 14:48

Ugh definitely. His parents are hot and amazing! XD Thank you! I enjoy writing with you as well!
Jan 2nd 2021 14:41