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Gardenia's Blog

... observe, for a good time // [ RULES ]

... un ; basic etiquette

... deux ; good grammar and literacy is a must

... trois ; 3rd person, past tense is a must

... quatre ; at least a paragraph for each reply

... cinq ; discussion is sexy

... six ; did I tell you how much I love discussing OOC? c:

... sept ; discussion, by the way, does not mean one-sided effort from me

... huit ; only vanilla for nsfw

... neuf ; there should be some plot before nsfw

... dix ; I'm a lot more open-minded for dynamics than nsfw content - e.g., no anal, but I can very well do a plot involving cheating / otherwise toxic relationship, etc. Happy to elaborate more if you want

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25 | 0 Comments | Feb 12th 2024 05:47