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22 / Other / In a Relationship
Florida - United States
I am a Literate Roleplayer, and I do paragraph to multi-paragraph style. I can do multiple characters in a single roleplay, and I prefer long term roleplays to short term ones. N*FW is allowed in roleplays. My specific rules for other’s who I roleplay with are as follows:
- Must be Literate
- Can provide at least 3 well thought out sentences per reply, if not more.
- Be as active as you can be, I understand that everyone has a life outside of roleplay and I don’t respect you to reply immediately. Just do the best you can and reply to the thread when you can get to it.
- 18+ content is allowed fully allowed. If there is a roleplay you specifically do NOT want as 18+ content, please state so.
- Any age is allowed. I prefer 15+, But if you can meet all of these rules then I have no problem with age!
- No god modding.
- If you are roleplaying a cannon character, please act like that character UNLESS you have a specific AU going on with your character in your blog! I’m open to characters who go beyond what is cannon and has a slightly different story line from the cannon one, However, if your character is like this, Please let me know in advanced! It keeps the confusion down.
- AUs are allowed (and I actually absolutely LOVE them haha)
- Oc’s are allowed, though I am more selective with them.
- I will roleplay on here, Discord, Facebook, or Gmail!